Monday, February 20, 2012

Filling in the Blanks

As I mentioned in my last post, I am without a major goal this year. I have been having a hard time deciding what races I want to do this year and I think I have discovered why. Normally, I would pick an "A" race and then just fill in the blanks. Without an anchor race to provide structure (e.g., doing a HIM on the way to your IM distance race) the blanks are truly that - blank.

So, what have I decided for 2012/2013?

First and foremost, I am beyond excited that Rev3 is bringing a new race to Florida October 27 -28! As a Texas girl, this new race is within driving distance for me and I love, love, love Florida. It will have always have a special place in my heart for triathlon because I did my first 140.6 there. So that is one blank I am very excited to have filled in. The good news / bad news is that a late season race means that I have lots of time before I have to get serious about training for what I am calling my "A" triathlon race of the year.

On the running front, I have signed up for Texas Marathon in Kingwood, TX on January 1, 2013. It is a small race, capped at 650 runners that it is known for having the largest finisher's medal. It sells out early every year, so I have already paid my fees. It is a BQ race, but given the races I am going to describe below, I am not sure I will be in qualifying shape come January 1.

Other marathons I am considering ...

The Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco October 14, 2012. Firemen in tuxes handing out Tiffany boxes. Yes please. It has a lottery entrance so we will see. Based on the hilly nature of the course, I would not plan on attempting to BQ this course. In all actuality, I have a girlfriend in California that I really want to visit and this would be a great race to just "do" and not stress about.

The same crew that puts on the Texas Marathon on New Year's day is staging two races in December on back to back days. The End of the World Marathon on December 21, 2012 (to coincide with the date the Mayans believe will be the end of the world) and the Day After the End of the World Marathon on December 22, 2012 (for those who believe that the world will see 2013). Of course, I think it would be fun to do both. This is not a BQ race and if I run these (which I likely will) then the Texas Marathon a mere 10 days later will not likely to be a BQ attempt either.

So where does that leave me?

I am searching for a summer marathon that I can properly train for to attempt a BQ time. Even if I miss BQing, I would like to see where I am compared to my last stand alone marathon in 2009 (3:57 at Houston).

I definitely plan to race local this year with my local tri team, Team Bicycle World and Fitness. I have spent the last two seasons doing more training than racing and I am looking forward to some short, fast races and getting to know more local triathletes. First up, Du the Polar Bear Duathlon next weekend. Hmm ... maybe I should air up my bike tires???

Finally, I am going to be doing my absolute best to make it to another one or two Rev3 races. I am a firm believer that if we as triathletes want to see better races, we need to support the new brands like Rev3 that are trying to give us a better race experience.

So, things are starting to fall into place. Clearly the last quarter of the year is set, so I will just slowly continue to fill in the blanks. Deep breath, I am starting to feel better. :)