Monday, August 31, 2009

August Is In the Books!

Another big month in the books and I am exited to see my volume growing each month. Seeing my workouts in numbers really puts my effort into perspective - it really is nearly a part time job!

August's totals:
Bike: 30h 57m - 540 Mi
Run: 21h 18m - 142.6 Mi
Swim: 12h 05m - 30,640 Yd

Total Time - 64h 20m

Year to Date Comparison

Have a great September!

Confessions ...

... and other random tidbits about me.

I have come to really appreciate my blogging world friends and so when I realized there is very little personal info about me outside of my training on this blog, I decided to fix that by creating a list (but of course!). With 68 days to IMFL, here are 68 things you probably don't know (and maybe didn't want to know or don't care) about me, plus one to grow on:

My name is Anne and …

1. I turn my music up as loud as I can in the car so that I can sing (ok, shout) without having to hear my own voice. In fact, it is like a personal concert in my car, and I am embarrassed to admit that Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA in on that play list.

2. When I find a new song that I like, I listen to it repeatedly until I know all of the words.

3. I dance around the living room with my kids like I did when I was 8 years old, only now it is to the Black Eyed Peas and not Paula Abdul. It is because of this that my boys now know the words (well, some of them) to songs like Boom Boom Pow (BEP) and So What (Pink).

4. I eat dessert every single night and I have a serious weakness for ice cream, in particular, Strawberry and Mint Chocolate chip.

5. I don’t like to share my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches with my boys.

6. Sometimes I eat dessert before dinner.

7. When Andrew asks to stay up late and cuddle on the couch, I nearly always fall asleep before he does.

8. In fact, even when I am not training 15+ hours a week, I can pretty much fall asleep any time, anywhere (it’s a running joke).

9. I think that for the first mile of my morning runs and first 500 yards of my morning swims I am actually still asleep.

10. Some mornings to make myself get out of bed I lie to myself that I will take a nap later in the day, even when I know I won’t have the opportunity.

11. I do my long solo bike rides with my iPod and I listen to teenage literature like the Twilight Saga which I really enjoy … so much so, that I am going to see the movie New Moon (the second Twilight book) opening weekend. This is one of the only things on my calendar AFTER Ironman.

12. I am on Team Edward.

13. I am a celebrity news junkie and I subscribe to US Weekly. I like People magazine too, but I don’t subscribe because the human interest stories make me cry, so I stick with just the trashy gossip of US Weekly.

14. I wear my contact lenses longer than the prescribed 2 week period. I hate contacts and despite having worn them for nearly 15 years, I still struggle some mornings to get them in my eyes. One of these days I will get Lasik.

15. I think that Mexican food should be the 5th basic food group, margaritas included.

16. I love getting mail, email, and blog comments

17. I weigh myself everyday and my least favorite body part (area) is my stomach

18. I have been wearing a retainer to bed every single night since I was 16, including on my honeymoon and at the hospital when I gave birth. We had a (girl) beagle named Zeke that liked to try to eat my retainers.

19. I watched 90210 when it was on in the 1990s and I am watching it again now.

20. My favorite shows on TV are How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.

21. My favorite band is Bowling For Soup and I am extremely annoyed they haven’t “Come Back to Texas” … at least not very often and nowhere near me (That is one of their songs)

22. I have been listening to the same playlist on my iPod for 2 years (although I keep adding to it)

23. Several nights a week we go to sleep with dishes in the sink.

24. If you asked me 5 years ago what I would do if I won the lottery, my answer (in part) would have been to quit my job and train for an Ironman.

25. I get annoyed when someone describes the ideal family as having 2 children, a boy and a girl. I wanted this at one time, but ideal for you and ideal for me are not the same. I love having 2 boys!

26. I read the Harry Potter series. Twice.

27. I owned children’s movies like Shrek before we had children.

28. I will do a load of laundry with one item in it and this makes my husband crazy.

29. Pizza is my favorite meal the night before a long workout.

30. Sometimes it is strange being the youngest mom in the pre-k class, but I love being a young mom so I wouldn’t change it.

31. If I could go back to school, I would study photography.

32. There are a lot of things I want, but I know that I have most everything I need.

33. I have major bike envy. My bike is like a nice grey suit. It is practical and gets the job done but it will never be that sophisticated Dolce and Gabana number that screams smart AND sexy. See #32.

34. I talk too much. I have to remind myself to use that acronym W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking?

35. I secretly wonder if my body has what it takes to Kona Qualify one day.

36. I like a lot of movies, but I don’t have a favorite movie. Although I have seen Top Gun, Cocktail, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Shawshank Redemption and Bring it On more times than I care to count.

37. We own the entire Friends series on DVD and when I want a good laugh I put in a random DVD from one of the ten seasons and start watching … and laughing.

38. I love college Football (go Longhorns!) but I don’t care about professional sports (at all!)

39. I would choose a nap over a glass of wine almost any day of the week.

40. I wish I was a better dancer. I love movies that involve dancing (like Center Stage). I took a jazz dance class in college and couldn’t keep up. Like swimming, I think I need to start with the little kid classes.

41. I want my children to be athletes. I have learned so much about life from playing sports. Developing self confidence. Overcoming doubts. Learning what it is like to work hard and still lose and learning what it is like to work hard and win!

42. My favorite color is burnt orange.

43. I (gasp!) am not a beer drinker.

44. I (gasp!) don’t like coffee of any kind either.

45. I think that you learn to enjoy 43 and 44 in college and I missed that boat.

46. My standard drink order is a citrus vodka and tonic with a splash of cranberry and a lime.

47. I have recently rediscovered country music thanks to the likes of Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift.

48. The last movie I watched was Yes Man with Jim Carey. I think that saying yes to everything would be a very interesting experiment. My kids would love it!

49. If I had to be on a reality TV show it would be the Amazing Race. I don’t watch it, but I love traveling and don’t get the opportunity to do as much as I would like.

50. I love surprises, well good ones anyway.

51. I know I will be ready for FL but I am still scared of a DNF, I have just heard too many stories recently about last minute injuries, mechanicals, race day illnesses, etc. This makes me anxious for the race to get here!

52. I have bunions but won’t give up heels … a good pair of heels can do wonders for your outlook on any given day.

53. I often get chills and/or verklempt when I envision crossing the finish line at IMFL, but I don’t want to actually cry when I do. I want to cross the finish line, raise my hands and smile! I am sure that I will cry when I see my Ironsherpa husband and children though, and that is ok.

54. I eat the same thing for lunch every day. PBJ, string cheese, wheat thins, fruit.

55. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. They used to be tulips.

56. Halloween is one of my absolute favorite “holidays”

57. I was a total tom boy growing up (is this really a surprise?)

58. I like eating Dannon Lite and Fit vanilla yogurt for breakfast because it tastes like dessert!

59. I have never met a carb that I don’t like, so it is good that I am into endurance sports where carbs are your friends! The thought of the Atkins diet makes me dizzy.

60. It makes me smile and blush when I catch my husband bragging about his awesome wife and her athletic pursuits.

61. Monday is my least favorite day of the week. Saturday is my favorite.

62. My order of preference of the 3 sports in triathlon are running, biking and swimming, however on race day, running is always the hardest. Maybe I push harder on the run or simply because it comes last?

63. I have 20 photos on my desk / around my cube (11 are framed). That is 10 times everyone else in my area.

64. I don’t like cyclists (or runners for that matter) that don’t wave or nod to fellow cyclists (runners) on the road

65. If I have to eat fast food (and this is not very often) my first choice is Chik-fil-a, followed by Sonic and then Wendy’s. If we are eating out, it is usually Chipotle (yummy!) or Pei Wei. Texadelphia (scrumptious cheese steaks) is one of my favorite indulgences. Mexican food is another, but considering #15, it is more of a dietary staple.

66. If I could afford a personal chef, trainer, masseuse or housekeeper to be at my house every single day, I would choose the chef. Masseuse second. Housekeeper third. Trainer last.

67. The number one quality I look for in a training partner is someone who is reliable.

68. I am not obsessed with Ironman or triathlon or endurance sports. I think that you are what you do. You make time for what matters most to you. It is a way of life. I started this journey to fulfill a bucket list goal and found a new way of life and I am not looking back. Ironman is just a stop along the way.

69. Please remind me of #68 on November 8.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peak Training, Here I Come!

It is 10 short weeks until Ironman Florida and that means that next week marks the first week of my "peak" training phase. During this cycle my hours will range from 16 - 20 hours and I will complete the Redman Full Aquabike as my last training race before FL.

My focus is on staying healthy and working out the race day details, like clothing and special needs bag decisions. Given how chilly I was at the beginning of my long ride this weekend when it was a balmy 70 degrees, I think I am going to need arm warmers for sure for FL!

This week gave me a taste of what is to come as it was my highest volume week to date and I was tired and hungry all week (the higher intensity effort of the Oly and no rest day definitely caught up with me from last week). However, after a wonderful spa pedicure yesterday afternoon and a great nights sleep (I slept until 9 am!), I feel refreshed and excited. Why I am excited? A friend is doing IMKY today and I will be checking on him through Ironman Live all day. Go Rick!

Mileage for Week Ending 8/30/09
Swim: 7200 yards in 3:00 [2 workouts]
Bike: 131.6 miles in 7:35 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Run: 40.3 miles in 6:05 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Total Time: 16:40

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humor Wednesday

I love seeing signs like this right before I get into a lake, etc. before a race (like I did this weekend)...

As a side note, race pictures were posted today and I have some decent ones but I also have some doozies! At least you can see on my face how hard I was running!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Report

One race down, one to go before IM Florida! Hours were slightly down this week in preparation for the Clear Lake Tri, but next week it is back to building hours -- my last build week before starting my peak training for FL!

Mileage for Week Ending 8/23/09
Swim: 8240 yards in 3:05
Bike: 93.8 miles in 5:12
Run: 24.5 miles in 3:33
Total Time: 11:50

Happy training and be safe out there!

Clear Lake Olympic Distance Tri - 8/22/09

What a race! I hit the splits I was hoping to hit and tried to keep it red-lined the entire race. I am happy with my effort and learned some lessons along the way that I will try to apply for my future shorter distance races. This is the second year I have done this race (although last year it was not a full Oly, so you can't really compare the times).

Overall Time: 2:35:46.5
Overall AG Place: 6th of 23

The Swim
1.5K (.93 miles / 1636 yards)
14th of 23 in AG
pace 1:56 per 100 yards

--> my swim time in 2008 for a 1K course (.62 miles or 1091 yards) was 29:37.1, so I am thrilled with my improvement (but still NOT satisfied, I know I can get faster)!

This was a rectangular course, set up for a clockwise swim. The water was really warm (think bath tub water, and I don't mean an ice bath!), so no wetsuits allowed. The start was a bit rough because there were a lot of very sharp rocks and many people got cuts trying to get started and during warm up. My left leg got a couple of scratches, but nothing serious.

I wanted to keep a pace better than 2:00 min per 100 yards, which I have never done in a race. I know that I can keep a 1:50 min/100 yards or better in the pool, but that includes pushing off the wall, so I knew my OWS time would be slower. I took a banana Hammer gel right before my wave went off.

This is definitely the best open water swim I have ever done. My stroke, rotation and sighting were great. I felt like I was keeping a decent pace and my pull felt strong. My sighting could have been better on the last leg (the home stretch) but it was still better than all of my previous races! I think the thing I was most pleased with was that I didn't have to resort to breast stroke at all during the race, even for sighting (which is when I have had to breast stroke in previous races or when I got tired).

I learned this morning that another athlete saw a 4 or 5 foot gator before the swim start during his warm up. Thank God I didn't know that race morning. Ignorance is bliss! I don't think it would have made me faster, it would have freaked me out and I would have panicked (which would not have been good for my stroke!).

T1: 1:36.2 / 10th of 23 is AG

I ran up the ramp to my bike and passed lots of people on the way. I decided that I might take longer than others to put on socks, etc., but I could save time by running hard to my bike. I saw Doug and got a fist bump, which always makes me run a little faster. I had taken note before the race of the exact path I had to take to get to my bike (second row of racks, turn right, 5th rack on the left) and this helped. I put on my socks, shoes, bike helmet and sunglasses and was off.

Lesson learned - this is my first race in road shoes (versus my old mountain shoes) and I am tearing up my cleats by running in them. I think I am going to focus on trying to put my shoes on once I am on the bike before my next shorter distance race. I am definitely not going to stress about that for IM.

The Bike
24.8 miles
21.2 mph
3rd(!) of 23 in AG

--> 2008 bike pace was 18.3 mph on a shorter course and I averaged 19.7 mph in April on a 28 mile course. I think my consistent long weekend rides are starting to pay off!

This was a single loop, mostly flat and fast course. Save for one section, the roads were smooth and the ride was great. There was one traffic light that did not have a police officer directing traffic, but when I got there, the cars were letting the bikes go, so it didn't slow me down much. I tried to keep a comfortably hard and strong effort on the bike and not let myself fall into an easier comfortable pace. I took a Hammer gel 30 minutes into the bike (1 hour into the race). I am thrilled with my bike time. My husband (who would love for me to buy a new bike) keeps taunting me with, "imagine how much faster you would have been on a lighter bike with better wheels" ...

Getting off my bike at the dismount line, heading into T2 I collided with a girl who I had been leap frogging with for the last half of the bike. I am not sure if it was my fault or hers (we were NOT on our bikes), I think I zigged and she zigged too when I thought she was going to zag, but no harm was done and we were both fine. I apologized several times (at the scene, again in transition and on the run course, what can I say, I felt terrible!) because I certainly didn't plan on a collision!

Talking with the other athlete I collided with

My only complaints about the bike course (besides the unmanned light, that was just dangerous!):

1. Riders who would not stay to the right on roads with little to no shoulder that made it difficult to pass with traffic.

2. Riders who would not fall back when passed per the USAT rules. I have no problem with leap frogging, it happens when you have riders with equal strength and speed on the bike, but there were a couple of people who were like bad drivers. They would speed up when you tried to pass and then when they pass you, they would immediately slow down so that you are on their back wheel if you keep your same pace.

T2: 1:33.2 / 15th of 23 in AG

There were 5 people whose T2 times are showing as 0:00, but they have overall times and run splits, so I guess the timing chips didn't register or the results are not final. Normalizing for this I would say, I was probably 10th of 23 in AG. I am usually faster in T2 since I already have my socks on. Thankfully, the difference in transitions between 5th and 10th is seconds, not minutes! I saw Doug again on the way out and got another fist bump to carry me home.

The Run
8:18 pace
3rd (!) of 23 in my AG

--> 2008 pace for this race was 8:56, but I was able to run an 8:10 pace for 6.5 miles at Lonestar

This was an out and back run course. I was aiming for around an 8:00 min pace, but my body didn't quite have it in me. I got a couple of side stitches that quickly went away and didn't affect my pace too much. I took a Hammer gel at the one mile mark and that seemed to help. I was happy with my overall effort, especially given how hard I pushed the bike. The only thing I forgot was to take a couple of Endurolytes since I just drink water on the bike and the run, but it wasn't horribly hot, so I don't think it hurt my overall time too much. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me for the last .75 miles. I didn't look at my Garmin to check my pace because at that point, I was running as fast as I could and my pace was irrelevant, but I definitely think that this last effort helped bring down my overall run pace.

Overall Race Thoughts:

I was definitely trying to compete not just complete this race. I think my body did everything I asked of it. More speed work will help with my ability to race at harder efforts / higher intensity. I get so nervous before a race, but I while I am on the course, I am just happy. I love racing!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Race Shirt - Vent

How many race shirts do you have that sit in a drawer because they are too big or too small? Race shirt sizing is a big pet peeve of mine.

I wish race directors would post a sizing chart for their shirts or at least say whether the shirt is going to be cotton or technical fabric. I need a small (or smaller) in unisex technical shirts but I always get a medium in cotton t-shirts, so I am always torn when it comes time to put my shirt size on the entry form.

Three too large shirts later, I think I will be putting "small" down the next chance I get!

Thrifty Triathlete

I love new tri gear ... when I can afford it! This sport gets expensive, so I am always looking for inexpensive gear that will help my race performance.

What do you do when you can't afford new wheels? Get new racing tires!
Want to give your bike a face lift? Get new bar tape!

Want to save a couple of seconds in transition? Try Xtenex laces.

I wore them on my run today and I loved them! I was able to slip my shoes on easily but they still fit well ... and at an MSRP of $10, this is an inexpensive way to shave some precious time off your T2 time. I will let you know how they work at my race tomorrow. One thing is for certain, no more photos of me in T2 sitting on the ground tying my shoes!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Maybe it is because I am pseudo tapering (lower intensity workouts, slight drop in hours) for the Clear Lake Oly this weekend, but I think I just had an epiphany.

I am more nervous about racing this Oly than I was about the Gulf Coast Tri in May and (for now at least) more nervous than I am about racing the Redman Full Aqua Bike.


I think it is because I feel comfortable going long. I can settle into a good pace and motor along at a good clip and I am not red-lining it the entire race. When I race shorter races I feel a lot more self-pressure to be fast, which means pushing myself harder and testing my limits. Testing my limits makes me nervous but I keep telling myself that this is what I train for 6 days a week, often 2 times a day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Panama City Beach Condo is Booked!

That marks another big to-do off of my list! I had to make sure the condo had internet access so my family could track me online and I could update the blog on the road.

10 years

** edited because I realized I can't do math first thing in the morning, I am not quite ready for a sub 2 hour Oly :) **

I realized this morning as I put on old tri t-shirt over my bathing suit, that 2009 marks 10 years since my first triathlon. The shirt was from my first triathlon -- the 1999 Bally’s US Triathlon Series. I was woefully unprepared for the Olympic distance race in hilly Austin.

I breast stroked the entire swim. I waited in transition for my even slower male friend (he started in a different wave), then we rode mountain bikes (he actually borrowed my hubby’s bike and didn’t know much about shifting) and then suffered through the run, depleted of nearly all energy because we did not have any sort of nutritional understanding or plan whatsoever. I remember the volunteer handing me an energy bar on our way out of the transition to the run and it tasted like heaven.

I can only imagine what the more experienced athletes around us were thinking as I was just hanging out in transition. We did finish though and I actually got hardware, first in my age group. Impressed? You shouldn’t be … I was the only person in my age group!

I think my time, adjusted for the extra time I spent in transition waiting, was 3:32. I am hoping to be racing nearly 45 minutes faster than that this weekend. I remember thinking at the time that it was the most difficult thing I had ever done. What a difference a decade makes, oh and actually training and respecting the distance!

Some of you are still probably thinking … why is she wearing a 10 year old shirt?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enjoying the Moment

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, it is probably pretty clear that I have a one track mind sometimes (or as Bob put it once, I am a bit obsessed!).

Don't get me wrong, it is great to be focused on a goal, but sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy the moment (another one of the things on my list of 100 things).

It was the same way in planning my wedding and when I was pregnant with my boys -- it is so easy to get excited about the end goal that instead of living in the moment, you are counting down until a specific date, focused on the end instead of the preset.

My mom once told me not to wish time away, life is too precious for that. Since then, I have really tried to live in the here and now. I tried to enjoy every moment of my pregnancies instead of wishing the 9 months to pass quickly and I am trying to enjoy every moment of IM training as well, even though my excitement for race day is almost tangible!

I am thankful to be healthy and strong and able to train and compete in this sport. I had a great long ride / brick on Saturday and even though I did the majority of the ride and the entire run by myself (well, with company from my favorite vampires on my iPod!) I enjoyed the moment. I didn't spend one minute wishing the ride or run would end but enjoyed being out on a beautiful, hot Texas morning.

Mileage for Week Ending 8/16/09
Swim: 7500 yards in 3:00
Bike: 120.5 miles in 7:00
Run: 33.75 miles in 5:04
Total Time: 15:04

I am racing the Clear Lake International Tri (oly distance) next weekend so this upcoming week will be a touch lighter. I am excited to see how I do this year compared to last year (although the distances are slightly different because it was not a true Oly last year) and compared to the Quarter I did in April.

I also wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement you guys have left in the comments -- they really do brighten my day!

Finally, to add a more personal note to this entry, here is a recent photo I took of my boys (aka my cheering section) who remind me everyday as they grow so quickly to stop and enjoy the moment.

Tyler (L - age 2.5) and Andrew (R - age 5)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The best thing about lists ...

... is crossing things off of them! You may recall that I listed 100 things to do between now and IMFL, well in just 15 days I have made some major headway!

All of the items below can be checked off the list (although several of the items will be repeated continuously between now and November 7).

1. Get confirmation from friends and family on who is making the trip to FL
4. Hubby to replace chain on my bike
5. Hubby to clean bike and lube as necessary
9. Purchase race tires
10. Practice changing tires
11. Get a massage
12. Order more Infinit – I am running out already!
13. Eat, eat and eat some more (I seriously need to put the ice cream spoon down!)
15. Find a multi-vitamin and start taking it (The entire family is taking Flinstones)
16. Read “Food for Fitness” by Chris Carmichael
17. Find more healthy snacks for work
18. Take a rest day
22. Break-in my new Speedo Endurance Swimsuits
24. Take a nap
25. Download new music for iPod (I am officially a dork, thanks to Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus)
26. Blog
27. Book room in OKC for Redman Full Aqua Bike
30. Read the blogs of other triathletes
42. Get a pedicure
46. Stalk the BT Forums on a regular basis for inspiration and education
78. Re-read Don Fink's Iron Fit sections on mental preparation and race week strategy
81. Visualize crossing the finish line (every day)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Rewind

Now that my long rides are getting longer (4 hours and climbing) I am getting up at 5 something Saturday mornings too, that makes 6 days a week with a 4 or 5 handle on the clock ... I love sleeping in Sundays! I got up at 9:00 am today! :)

Mileage for Week Ending 8/9/09
Swim: 7700 yards in 3:00
Bike: 113 miles in 6:35
Run: 30.65 miles in 4:35
Total Time: 14:10

Happy Training!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Three. 3. III. Tre.

Three Months. (English)
Tre Muaj. (Albanian)
три месеца. (Bulgarian)
Drie Maanden. (Dutch)
Kolme Kuukautta. (Finnish)
Trois Mois. (French)
Drei Monate. (German)
τρεις μήνες. (Greek)
तीन महीने.(Hindi)
Tre Mesi. (Italian)
Três Meses. (Portuguese)
три месяца. (Russian)
Tre Månader. (Swedish)
три місяці. (Ukrainian)
Ba Tháng. (Vietnamese)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swimming Breakthrough?

I had the best.swim.ever. this morning. I was, for once, “one with the water”. I was maintaining a fairly steady pace for me of about 1:50 and hitting 1:45 as well, without feeling like I was totally out of gas and I did this for the entire main set (this was at an 80% effort level), but it is not just the splits that made me happy. I felt like my rotation, reach, catch and pull were all working in harmony, helping me glide through the water. For someone who has only been swimming for just over a year, I feel like this is a major victory!

I am not sure if I will ever get down to the 1:30 splits and I know I am slower in open water (no push off the wall), but I know my IM swim will be a success if I can find that “zen” swimming state I found this morning! Now I just need to decide -- sleeves or no sleeves on the wetsuit!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ode to iPod

Well, I did. I managed to kill my iPod. It took 2 years and 9 months of sweat to drown the faithful thing and today during my 7 miler it took its last breath. RIP, iPod. You helped me lose the baby weight, train for my first HIM and kept me company on many solo long bike rides.

How will I honor your memory?

Replace you with another, of course!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

100th Post and the Sunday Report

It is amazing what an afternoon nap can do for your overall outlook on life! I can't remember the last time I got to take a long afternoon nap where I woke up on my own terms (and not because my boys woke up from their own naps).

I had a great training week and I feel rested and ready to hit the pool at 5 am tomorrow.

Mileage for Week Ending 8/2/09
Swim: 7550 yards in 3:00
Bike: 109 miles in 6:20
Run: 31.4 miles in 4:38
Total Time: 13:58

100 posts later -- I started this blog wanting to complete an Ironman one day. It was a dream with no specific plans. 100 posts later the goal is defined. The date is set. The plan is being executed. Thank you for coming along for the ride!