Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swimming Breakthrough?

I had the best.swim.ever. this morning. I was, for once, “one with the water”. I was maintaining a fairly steady pace for me of about 1:50 and hitting 1:45 as well, without feeling like I was totally out of gas and I did this for the entire main set (this was at an 80% effort level), but it is not just the splits that made me happy. I felt like my rotation, reach, catch and pull were all working in harmony, helping me glide through the water. For someone who has only been swimming for just over a year, I feel like this is a major victory!

I am not sure if I will ever get down to the 1:30 splits and I know I am slower in open water (no push off the wall), but I know my IM swim will be a success if I can find that “zen” swimming state I found this morning! Now I just need to decide -- sleeves or no sleeves on the wetsuit!



No sleeves. Dont risk chaffing. Water temperature in PC doesn't warrant it either.
Wish I had your motivation in the pool.

Anne said...

You don't need my motivation and you will still beat me out of the water! :)