Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Maybe it is because I am pseudo tapering (lower intensity workouts, slight drop in hours) for the Clear Lake Oly this weekend, but I think I just had an epiphany.

I am more nervous about racing this Oly than I was about the Gulf Coast Tri in May and (for now at least) more nervous than I am about racing the Redman Full Aqua Bike.


I think it is because I feel comfortable going long. I can settle into a good pace and motor along at a good clip and I am not red-lining it the entire race. When I race shorter races I feel a lot more self-pressure to be fast, which means pushing myself harder and testing my limits. Testing my limits makes me nervous but I keep telling myself that this is what I train for 6 days a week, often 2 times a day!


keith shuler said...

I think I did that once. Used to be in a lake you could just about walk in....
Good luck
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Kelly said...

Good luck, Anne. I feel the same way about shorter distances...they really hurt too much to be able to enjoy them!

Thanks for the encouraging words about my foot!!