Thursday, July 30, 2009

100 days

To celebrate the 100 day countdown until IMFL I have compiled a list of things that I need to / want to / should do in the next 100 days. I am so excited that I can hardly stand it! In no particular order ...

1. Get confirmation from friends and family on who is making the trip to FL
2. Book condo in Panama City Beach (need to know who is coming to determine the size)
3. Hubby to replace cables on my bike
4. Hubby to replace chain on my bike
5. Hubby to clean bike and lube as necessary (hey, it is great being married to your bike mechanic!)
6. Purchase Garmin 310xt
7. Practice using Garmin 310xt in multisport mode
8. Sell my Gamin 305
9. Purchase race tires
10. Practice changing tires
11. Get a massage
12. Order more Infinit – I am running out already!
13. Eat, eat and eat some more
14. Race the Clear Lake International Olympic Distance Triathlon
15. Find a multi-vitamin and start taking it
16. Read “Food for Fitness” by Chris Carmichael
17. Find more healthy snacks for work (I am hungry all.the.time.)
18. Take a rest day
19. Convince my mentor at work to do a Sprint tri in October
20. Buy a backup pair of Women’s Vanquishers
21. Participate in the Tour de Pink Bike Ride (Century? Need to determine distance as the Aqua Bike is the following week)
22. Break-in my new Speedo Endurance Swimsuits (Yeah – no more nearly see-through suits! Blue camo and black and white flowers, sweet!)
23. Make some new tri friends
24. Take a nap
25. Download new music for iPod
26. Blog
27. Book room in OKC for Redman Full Aqua Bike
28. Race Redman Full Aqua Bike to practice pacing and nutrition
29. Buy an end of season pair of flip flops to keep in my car/tri bag
30. Read the blogs of other triathletes
31. Start wearing my Heart Rate Monitor
32. Buy a Tanita scale
33. Stop and enjoy the moment
34. Order new halter style cycle top (my tan lines need help!)
35. Get 8 hours of sleep (in one night)
36. Order and read “Going Long”
37. Push myself on the swim (my weakest sport)
38. Practice open water swimming
39. Sign Hubby up for a Twitter account so he can tweet race progress on race day (hubby doesn't mind providing race updates but has an aversion to "tweeting")
40. Try to have a conversation that doesn't lead back to Ironman training
41. Take a rest day
42. Get a pedicure
43. Blog
44. Take Indy (my chocolate lab) for a run
45. Practice changing tires
46. Stalk the BT Forums on a regular basis for inspiration and education
47. Pick a Spring / Summer marathon for 2010
48. Decide what to wear for the big day (funny, mot people would assume wedding when you say "big day")– am I going to change for comfort?
49. Thank my amazing hubby for being so supportive, especially as the hours ramp up
50. Try Cliff Shots on long runs vs gels
51. Schedule a date night with my hubby
52. Swim on average 7500 yards+ a week
53. Run on average 30 - 35 miles per week
54. Bike on average 125 - 150 miles per week
55. Eat, eat and eat some more
56. Research Texas bike rides to find more supported long training rides
57. Blog
58. Hydrate ... seriously, how can I make myself workout 2+ hours a day, but I can't make myself drink water???
59. Finalize nutrition formula/menu for the bike
60. Finalize nutrition formula/menu for the run
61. Put my USAT sticker on my car (I just had to renew!)
62. Take a nap
63. Try to go one full day without saying the word Ironman
64. Find/make matching shirts for my family to wear on race day
65. Take a rest day
66. Write a pre-race plan (what can I say, I am a planner)
67. Write a race plan (like a birth plan, but longer!)
68. Think about Special Needs Bags -- do they fit into the race plan?
69. Determine back-up plan (plan B)
70. Determine back-up, back-up plan (plan C)
71. Find a family photographer in Panama City to get a family beach photo while we are there
72. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing to prepare – trust in my plan
73. Find new audio books for the drive to/from FL
74. Give back to the tri community in some way (volunteer, help someone new)
75. Get a massage
76. Hydrate
77. Decide whether to wear full sleeved or sleeveless wetsuit for swim portion of race
78. Re-read Don Fink's Iron Fit sections on mental preparation and race week strategy
79. Sleep in!
80. Take a nap
81. Visualize crossing the finish line
82. Read race reports for IMFL from 2008
83. Thank my family, friends, co-workers and any/everyone else who has provided an encouraging word along this journey
84. Stop and enjoy the moment
85. Find a temporary tattoo to wear on my arm during the race for a little inspiration (maybe Spiderman, my boys would love it!)
86. Start to think about life after Ironman – what’s on deck for 2010?
87. Practice changing tires
88. Blog
89. Eat, eat and eat some more
90. Make a packing list (I love lists!)
91. Take my boys trick or treating, eat too much candy
92. Turn 30 and celebrate (yes, that is right, I turn 30 six days before the race!)
93. Pick up magazines / other reading material for the trip to FL
94. Take a rest day
95. Make the long trek from Houston to FL with a car full of gear and children (I am so excited that my boys are going to be there!)
96. Enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful FL weather, do a practice swim in the Gulf, and takes lots of photos of the experience
97. Hit the expo
98. Meet fellow IMFL athletes from BT, Houston, Blogging world, etc. and share in the excitement of what is to come
99. Eat pizza at the Mellow Mushroom (my fave pre-race food), get a good night’s rest (is that possible?) and say prayers for the upcoming day
100. Fulfill lifelong dream of becoming an Ironman
101. (You have to have one to grow on!) Buy loads of M-Dot gear and start the recovery process


Doug Moore said...

Looks like a pretty complete list!

Kelly said...

102. Celebrate the amazing year that you have had!!