Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly Rewind

Despite the cut back in hours this week, I am tired. It has been a busy weekend (my oldest son's 5th birthday party!) so I do not feel as rested as I usually do on a Sunday evening.

Next week of training marks the halfway point in Don Fink's 30 week plan, which means the IM FL is 15 weeks away!

Mileage for Week Ending 7/26/09
Swim: 7300 yards in 3:00
Bike: 99 miles in 5:39
Run: 30.85 miles in 4:30
Total Time: 13:09


IronBob said...

Looks like you are kicking some arse in your times. Katy Flatlands in 5hr 23. Nice job.
Tell your son IronBob said Happy Birthday. (And he will go, WHO?)

sallyaston said...

Hey Anne, I saw your post on Beginner Triathlete, I post over there too (username RioRio) and am also training for a November IM- IM Arizona! Your blog is awesome! Keep up the great training! Sally :-)