Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mileage for Week Ending 7/12/09

I had a great training week and more than anything I am happy with my consistency. My discipline to do long rides and runs solo has increased and when I compare the last month of training to some of my training last year (for a HIM, not IM) I can see that I am being more consistent, which feels great!

Swim: 6950 yards in 3:00
Bike: 93.5 miles in 5:30
Run: 25.6 miles in 3:44
Total Time: 12:14

What's on tap next week? I am doing the Katy Flatlands Century, so I will be testing race day pacing and nutrition. I am going to do it as a short brick too, if all goes well, to see how I feel coming off the bike. I do this each week with my long ride (right now that distance normally hovers at 55 - 60 miles), but I want to see what that extra distance does to my legs.

Have a great week!

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IronBob said...

Looks like your times are real strong. Actually, you are ready (to finish) based on what I see. Be careful next 3 months not to hurt yourself..