Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Sunday Report

I can't believe another week of training has come and gone and we are nearly a week into July! This (hot!) summer is flying by!

Thanks to the company of Edward and Bella (Twilight) on my runs, my run speed has been getting faster. This week my 10 miler was 1:27 vs the 1:35 it was taking my earlier this Spring. I know I was capable of running my 10 milers at a faster pace before, but I wasn't running them that fast (I was staying too comfortable). I was very happy with my sub-9:00 pace this week!

Saturday morning I got the call I hate to get -- my reliable training partner bailed on my for our long bike ride/brick. Well, my bike was not going to ride itself, so I made sure my iPod was charged and headed out on my own. After a 56 mile ride, I did a hot 30 minute run, all accompanied by my Twilight pals. I am nearly finished with the first audio book now, but fear not, I have the rest of the series on Audio as well to get me through any solo training.

Mileage for Week Ending 7/5/09
Swim: 6550 yards in 2:55
Bike: 85.75 miles in 4:52
Run: 22.3 miles in 3:14
Total Time: 11:01


Trishie said...

Hehe, I read the first Twilight book and listened to the other three while training for the National Marathon... I love me some sexy vampires ! very nice training week :)

Brittany M. said...

Nice training week! I checked out your blog when you posted in the TX BT Independence Relay thread. We will be at some similiar events, I'm headed to Katy for the Century ride (my old hometown), I'll be at Redman (doing the HIM though), AND THEN I'll see you at IMFL!! Best wishes training!

Kelly said...

Nice numbers this week. I love listening to audio books while I run, but I'm too chicken to try it while I cycle...maybe I should give it a go!