Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rest Day

Rest days always make me feel guilty, but they are a very important part of training, or so I have read. I haven't had a rest day since Friday the 11th, so I am taking today off -- you are supposed to have a rest day about once a week -- and we are going to Galveston for some family fun. I am tempted to take my bike but I am going to be good and truly rest today, although I might attempt a short swim in the open water, just to get a feel for it.

Training this week:

Monday - 5.8 mile run
Tuesday - Brick: 40 mins bike / 20 min run
Wednesday - Masters swim (5:30a - 7:00a) -- all technique focused
Thursday - 5.8 mile run
Friday - 45 min bike on trainer
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday - off

I missed my long bike ride this week and a one swim, but I will be back on track next week. This week was a run heavy week for me.


Allie said...

I am so impressed with your motivation and dedication! Where can I get me some of that? :)

Paige said...

Holy goodness, you continue to amaze me! I wish I could bottle your energy and sell it!