Sunday, April 11, 2010

Team Trakkers Kick Off

The Team Trakkers Elite Team came down to Austin, Texas for a training camp and for an official team kick off.

Living a mere 2.5 hours away, I had to make the trip to see the crew and meet the sponsors, if only for a 2 hour Happy Hour! I took Friday afternoon off of work and the family and I headed to Austin. Doug and the boys spent the evening at a car show and I spent it getting to know my Elite teammates and my Saucony and First Endurance sponsors!

I have to say, it was pretty freakin' incredible to be hanging out with some of the very best in our sport. Everyone was so nice too and it was a total honor for me to be introduced as one of their teammates!

Me and Pro Carole Sharpless aka "Mama Bear" to the Trakkers Team

After a great team kick-off party (pizza and beer!), the family and I headed out to our favorite Mexican food haunt before driving back to Houston. We made it home around 12:30 AM, which ensured that I was able to get my long ride in Saturday morning, despite the crappy weather.

There are great photos and two great write ups so far on -- check them out here and here (it was a pleasure to meet the photographer and writer, Jay as well)!

You can see my green shirt in the last photo (under the Jack and Adams tent with my hand on my face, on the right side of the photo :) ) on the first article.

I am also really excited about the team challenges, it will make the races that much more exciting to watch. Not sure what I am talking about? Check it out in this story.


Michael Lovato: Team Trakkers is calling Trek-KSwiss to a race. We bet $5k our team beats yours at in Knoxville May 9. Be there, or we win!

Trek/KSwiss Tri Team response? Said team co-manager Nick Howe on his handle, TrekSpeed: Anywhere, Any time. Any day. We gladly accept.

Julie Dibens: Can’t sleep! Woke myself up laughing cos I dreamt I saw Michael Lovato crying like a baby at the side of the road in Knoxville! Bring it ML.

Lovato: Hey Julie, those were tears of joy you saw. I always get emotional after a crushing victory.

Lovato: Hey Julie we hope u get your mojo back soon, we don't want Trek-KSwiss to race without their strongest athlete.

Dibens: Michael you are trying to kill me with kindness! I like your style… but I won’t fall for it!

I am totally inspired for my workouts this coming week!



I met Dibens on a flight to England after Half IM World Championships two years ago. Where is the fat on these people?? that's what I want to know

goSonja said...

Anne, you are in mucho trouble for not getting pictures and posting them all over your blog. Mucho trouble. I sooo wanted to see you in the clutches of ML or hamming it up with Mama Bear. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

THat is just cool!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Lucky...sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to meet everyone too!

Jamie said...

So jealous that you got to swing by and hang out at the happy hour.

I'm feeling like I'll really regret going to Knoxville. I gotta see if I can make it out there to hang with the team. Not much difference between a 2.5 hour drive and a 14 hour drive... right?