Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May In Numbers

With Cedar Point just over 3 months away (how the heck did that happen????), here is what training has looked like for the last month...

14 bike rides
10 swims
15 runs
5 rest days
1 vacation day
1 holiday
1 forgotten helmet (I borrowed one)
1 forgotten pair of shoes (my AMAZING hubby dropped them off in my car while I was riding)
Countless showers and loads of laundry (again, done by my AMAZING hubby)

May in Numbers
Swim: 25,500 yards in 10:15
Bike: 578.38 miles in 32:58
Run: 88.34 miles in 13:21
Other: 2:31
Total Time: 59:05

I have referenced this before, but I am still amazed at how different I feel training for my second iron distance race. Don't get me wrong, the training hours are just as long, I get just as tired and I eat just as much (if not more!), but the fear and stress associated with the unknown is not there.

To some extent, there is less excitement about the race... but not because I am not excited to race. Traning for IMFL was all about the end goal -- in a sense the journey was about the destination. What I learned after finishing IMFL though, is that for me, the training is the journey and the race is more of a celebration of how far you have come.

I am very excited about meeting up with the rest of the Trakkers team in September, chilling out at one of America's best amusement parks and racing 140.6 miles -- but that is not what gets me out of bed in the morning or in my bike saddle for hours on end. I actually enjoy it.

I don't know if I will do 140.6 every year, but I do know that I will do something challenging every year, as long as I can.

Goal Tracking
1. Photography – May was a slow month on the photo front, but look for fun things to come in June!

2. Nutrition – I am dialing in my race day nutrition and enjoying my Ultragen recovery drinks. I still need a healthy and fast dinner recipe. What is your favorite?

3. Strength Training – I am happy to report that I am back on the wagon! I am looking at picking up a couple of the P90x DVDs for more variety on the core / abs front. I am borrowing the DVDs from a friend this month to see if I like them.

4. Swim Technique – Just keep swimming ...

5. Fun goals – I need to find a Sprint tri just for fun, maybe after Cedar Point???


Xavi Garcia said...

Excellent review...will do the same with my blog...nice idea. Thanks!

Cheers from Hong Kong!



Like I say "I race to train" and the race is strictly the celebration of that effort. And you can slow down a bit and still do that 140.6 every year. (I know, I a trained professional at minimizing the training)

Erin said...

Funny - we had the same run and swim distance this month ;)

What do you guys like to eat for dinners typically? I've got a bunch of easy noodle/salad recipes and some other hot ones (I made quiche this week - super easy). I also cook a batch of food on Sunday and we eat that most of the week. Probably not as easy to do with 2 boys, but if you can do leftovers a few nights that could be a big help.

Jennifer said...

Good for you getting back to weight training, for me it's the big bugger. Have fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

CP is creeping up fast, too fast for injuried me.

Anonymous said...