Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spinergy Stealth PBO Wheelset Product Review

Ask and ye shall receive. Bid Daddy Diesel over at Tri Diesel asked for me to review my hot new wheels, so check it out.

When I was bike shopping, I made the choice to go with the Felt B16 with Shimano 105 components instead of the Felt B12 with Dura Ace components and put the money I saved on the bike purchase towards a set of "race" and training wheels.

I put race in quotes because I am not sure if hard core cyclists consider these race wheels, but I chose these wheels for the following reasons:

1. Limited selection of 650c wheels. Seriously limited. I was not prepared to spend the cash needed to get Zipps and most of the wheel manufacturers no longer make a 650c option. These were one of the few options I could afford. I wanted the wheels for my upcoming race so I didn't have time to stalk the used market.

2. Reviews. Overall, great reviews on Road Bike Review.

3. Price. While the website shows the retail price as $1200, you can get the wheels new in the original box on eBay for $700 shipped for the set.

4. Overall improvement. For the price, the wheels are lighter and more aero than my stock wheels.

My thoughts post purchase:

The wheels ride like a dream! The wheels create a very smooth, stiff ride and they accelerate quickly and hold speed well. I have no basis for comparison because I have never ridden Zipps, but I could tell an immediate difference to my stock wheels. They absorb road shock well, which makes a big difference on long rides. I have seen a .5 mph+ improvement in my mph average over long rides (80 - 110 mile rides) using these wheels.

I have not done any climbing in these wheels so I can't speak to their climbing or descending attributes.

There are lighter and faster race wheels out there, but not much, if anything else, new in this price range.

Overall rating: Very satisfied.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thank you, I can afford nor justify spending $3000 on a wheelset, I am just an age grouper, never will be pro, but I am looking for a nicer wheel set, I been eyeing these and planet x wheels for a long time, I trust people who bought them opinion. Thank you again.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Thanks for the review. Like BDD, I've been looking for an affordable carbon wheelset and these just might be the ticket!

They look great on your new Felt!

Mark said...

Nice wheels Anne. I don't know how fast your bike split is going to be next time around, but you will certainly intimidate the competition.

Any thought on what components you will upgrade to when the time comes?


p.s. Are you doing Rev3 Cedar Point too? I'll be there.

Doug Moore said...


I am Anne's husband, the family bike steward, and we will be upgrading to ultegra components, a carbon aero bar, sticks, and brake levers (model not decided upon at this time), and a SRAM PC 1091 chain as parts wear out. I would also like to sneak a Chris King bottom bracket on there at some point as well.

ncc80brian said...

Thanks! I wish these wheels were more common. I have a pair on my tri and road bike and can tell you they are great! Good balance of money and performance!

Jack son said...

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