Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cold Front

For the first time in weeks, temps in Houston were below 100 degrees, coming in at a cool 93 degrees today. It is amazing what a difference of 10 degrees makes! I did my long run of the week, 14 miles, and despite not feeling well because I am coming down with a sore throat and cough, I made it through the miles without as much trouble as expected thanks to the lower temps.

Now that I have had a taste of the "cooler" temps, I am ready for Fall! For those of you in the Northeast, I am not envious of your winters, but I am sure envious of the cooler temps you are experiencing now.

Hope you all are enjoying the long holiday weekend!


Erin said...

The low in Denver on Sunday was 48... brrr! Next Sunday's tri will be interesting if its that cold. As happy as I am for cooler temps (ok, lets face it, temperatures in Denver are not bad at all!), I'm not excited about the prospect of snow. Especially running in the snow.

Jamie said...

I woke up this morning and it was less than 70 degrees! I almost thought about breaking out a long sleeve shirt and tights... almost.

Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner said...

Haha, 93 is cool!? It's been high 60s here, which I LOVE. Others are unhappy about it. We have hot days here and there still though, it's not fall yet!