Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Lining

I have always been a morning person, but waking up with a 4 on the clock 5 days a week has made me even more of a morning person (ask Doug, I often doze off on the couch before 9 pm!). Some mornings are better (read easier) than others to wake up and get going, but I am always happy when my run/swim is behind me and it really is a great start to the day. This morning I did a short run and it was fairly cold with a bit of wind as well. Since I start my runs so early it is always dark which makes for a quiet albeit sometimes lonely run. Well this morning, when the skies lightened I noticed the sun rising and had an ephiany. Not very many people watch the sunrise each day and I get to do that! There is my silver lining!

I can’t complain too much though, because for my last three mid-distance mid-week runs (9 miles each) my training buddy Mark has schlepped over to my house to run with me. I will pick a running partner over music any day of the week! It makes the run go by so.much.faster. Plus, Mark makes me do speed work which I am not great about doing on my own, so that is an added bonus. I can really see a difference in my run times as a result of doing speed work and doing more mid-distance and long distance runs.

Tomorrow is my first 20 miler warm-up for the marathon. It should give me a good indication of where I am in my training and what sort of finish time I can expect in January.

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