Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Mileage

Well, it is official. I have never run this much in my life.

November Totals

185 miles
41.1 average miles per week
27.5 hours
8:58 average pace
18,000 calories burned
151 bpm average heart rate

The last 2 weeks have been high volume weeks which had me run 20 miles for my long run two weekends in a row. I am happy to report that the second 20 miler was easier than the first and the recovery from the second 20 miler has also been easier. I did go for a long swim the day after my 20 miler this week and I wonder if that has helped my muscles as well.

Next week is a taper week which will give my legs a chance to rest a bit (only 34 miles this week, 12 mile long run) to prepare for the upcoming high mileage weeks.

I am also working on my race schedule for 2009 and will post that soon - nothing like planning things a full year in advance!