Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Chevron Houston Marathon

A full race report and photos to follow, but I wanted to post my results and give a big thank you to my amazing husband, family and friends who came out to see me and cheer for me on the course. The entire course had great fan support, but it was extra special to see familiar faces cheering for me! Thank you to Paige, Mikey and William for coming out in the Heights and for the great sign. Thank you to Doug for chasing me around the city and taking photos. Thank you to my mom and Doug for cheering so loudly and for the great signs. Thank you to Ryan, Tracey and Jack for the funny sign (Great Butt Anne!) and for coming out off Tanglewood and to the finish. Thank you to Kate for coming to the finish and helping wrestle the boys while everyone was waiting for me to cross. You all made it the perfect day! Also thank you to everyone who emailed, texted and called to check on me to congratulate me.

I also want to give a heartfelt thank you to my training partner, Mark. Not only did he train with me for months to help get me ready for the race, he chose to run with a couple of us trying to break 4 hours instead of chasing his own personal goal of a 3:15 (his PR is 3:17). Unfortunately we weren't able to find his pal visiting from Richmond at the start line, but that meant I got a huge supporter and motivator for the 26.2 miles. I honestly think I was able to hold the pace and meet my goal because he was there to hold me to it. Thank you, Mark! I hope one day I can return the favor in some way! It was also great to see Mark's family on the course who cheered for me as well. I feel so blessed!

I did it, I beat Oprah, I beat P Diddy ... and I broke 4 hours!

Here are the results per the Chevron Houston Marathon site:

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Paige said...

Amazing job, Anne!! And how neat that Mark ran with y'all instead of trying to beat his (crazy fast) PR. That's so nice of him.