Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet My Coach

I did it - after 2 years of being a self-coached age-group athlete, I have turned over my training plan to a coach! I have been wanting to do this for quite a while but the control freak in me was hesitant.

What if I needed to make last minute changes to the plan and move things around?
Also, until now, I have been accountable to myself and no one else - what would a coach think of my training to date? What if the coach thinks I am an impostor? What if I disappoint my coach?

Those were a few of the things that made me nervous, but they were offset by my desire to improve and to get the one thing I was missing from my training -- FEEDBACK!

Once I decided I was ready for a coach, I had to find one, and luckily for me, I didn't have to look too far.

I met my coach, Carole Sharpless, through Team Trakkers. Carole is a professional triathlete and all around extraordinary person. Her blog regularly makes me laugh in hysterics or cry and it is definitely worth a read.

So, why did I choose Carole? First and foremost, when I approached her to ask questions about coaching we were immediately on the same page, plus, personality wise, we are two peas in a pod. She loves to laugh and to be silly but she is passionate about what she does, she is fiercely loyal and absolutely knows her stuff.

She realizes that coaching is dynamic and that those of us who do not do this professionally have other obligations that come up and our schedules change -- so we have agreed that when that happens, we will just modify the schedule to make things work. This was my biggest concern and it turns out, it really wasn't an issue at all.

She is already teaching me so much about nutrition and being an expert about every single thing I put in my body ... and best of all, I immediately felt like part of her family and that my success is her success.

With the first race of the season behind me (race report to follow soon) and Cedar Point just 4.5 months away, I am excited to see how far and how hard Carole can push me!


goSonja said...

I have found that a good coach is less about the plan, and more about adapting the plan. And you found a good coach indeed. Adapting is what it's all about. Get ready for the ride, you are going to love it.

Carole is so knowledgeable and she totally gets it. Her life experiences have taught her so much, I just know you will enjoy the process!

Jamie said...

I couldn't agree more with Sonja.

I can't wait to see how Carole tears you apart and builds you back up again.

I have to imagine that she must be an amazing coach.

Kelly said...

Anne...I'm so behind on my blog reading, and am just catching up on yours! I'm so excited for you to be working with Carole! I can't wait to see what happens.