Saturday, October 2, 2010

IM Recovery, Inspiration & Team Trakkers 2011


Rev3 Cedar Point was nearly 3 weeks ago … so, how am I feeling now?

Recovery, like after IMFL, has been fairly quick. I always expect to feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks, but I find that even the day after the race I am able to get around just fine – walking, taking stairs, but just a bit slower than usual and with less pep in my step.

True recovery though, takes longer. After stressing my body for 7+ months straight, I am being very cautious this go round to respect the recovery period to avoid injuries and give my body what it needs – rest and diversity in workouts (pilates anyone?). The superficial recovery may be complete but the deep rooted recovery takes a bit longer.

I have done two very short runs since Cedar Point, the first 1.5 weeks after the race and the second 2.5 weeks post race. The first run sucked, plain and simple. The second run was infinitely better, but I feel that I have an exponential way to go. I am going to try running again next week to gauge my recovery.

In the mean time, I am still riding my bike, trying to make it to the pool once a week and doing things I have never made time for, like pilates and Parisi speed school.

I love running and I really miss the simplicity of it, but what I learned last year was that my body needs a break from running and I can either do it now or get injured and then do it. My hamstrings and IT bands are still fairly tight, despite a phenomenal massage, which included stripping my IT bands (yowza!). Next week will be the first week post race I have not had to travel, so I am committing right now to spend time each day for the next week on my foam roller to work on my tight muscles.

Also starting next week I am aiming to start a maintenance program. I feel lost without a plan to follow, so I will aim for 6 to 7 hours a week of whatever I feel like doing for the week. A good mix of cardio and strength/flexibility training with a little S,B,R mixed in for good measure.

What do you do during the off season?

Finally, looking ahead to next season (with IM Texas looming on the calendar!), I want to share a bit of inspiration and the incredible opportunity to join Team Trakkers!

"At 29, she [Mirinda Carafrae] has yet to reach her pinnacle as a female endurance athlete, which usually comes in the mid 30s. The full depth of her talent, she believes, has yet to be explored ... Carfrae believes that she has plenty of time to catch and beat Wellington, who, at 33, is entering her prime" -- LAVA Magazine

As a 31 year old female athlete, it was nice to read that the best is yet to come. Maybe I will be able to break 12 hours one day...

Team Trakkers

We are a group of multisport athletes of every shape, size, and ability who love to train, race and have fun. The Green Machine is looking for a new athletes to join in 2011. If you are interested in being a part of this phenomenal group, then click here and fill out the application. Good luck!

If you have any questions about the team, leave them in the comments and I will be happy to respond.

Want to know a bit more about what you get for being a part of the team …

“In addition to the privilege of wearing the awesome green Trakkers kit, we are in process of bringing on some additional companies who are interested in the exposure that a grassroots team would bring. They are in the works, but it will consist of a variety of triathlon related products. Nutrition, clothing and shoes are a couple of the categories that we are close to filling. We will be holding a camp for the team this year and athletes on the team will have their lodging at camp paid for. Also included in team membership is free entry to all of the rev3 races next year.”

Speaking of Rev3 races ... All of the Rev3 races are open for registration for 2011 -- including Cedar Point, and at $425, it is a bargain compared to IM branded races, for arguably, a better experience. Check it out!


RockStarTri said...

I filled out the app for TT. Hope to make the cut!

Kristin said...

My IM recovery is also lingering, I'm trying to really rest and recover while not going insane. I'm still biking a lot. I ran yesterday for 20 minutes. Slowly but surely..

I'm working on speed in the offseason so more short intensity vs long aerobic work. I'd like to start bike racing in the spring and am aiming to cut another 45 minutes off my IM which would get me sub-12.. and I'm 35 :)

Mark said...

I am still recovering from Rev3. I have had a total of three runs, all of which left me in far more pain than post-IM. Bizarre, right?

The only thing that feels good is the pool—very odd. The pool.

Other than that, I am into eating cake. A lot of it. Mostly chocolate whenever I can get my hands on it.

Beer Good. Fire Bad.


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Hi Anne - Picked up my 2011 Felt B14 today from Bicycle world and fitness!!

Thank you so much for referring them to me because they were great to work with and were able to get the bike in much faster than anyone else!!

Now I got 30 days to get comfortable on this sucker for IronStar!

If you are looking for a good program before you start IMTX training try P90X. You'll get ripped fast and your body will be in excellent shape to begin all the s/b/r training again!

Ryan Oilar said...

I'm a big fan of college football, a heart rate monitor, a six pack of beer and some chips for rec'y....but that's just me. :)