Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Verdict Is In ...

Thank you so much for all of the great advice on whether I should race IMTX 70.3. I found myself being swayed back and forth as I read the various comments. Ultimately, I have decided not to race it, but after much deliberation I feel confident that I am making the decision for the right reasons.

Primarily, my reasons for not racing are: 1) save the money 2) save the time (avoiding a weekend in Galveston away from my kids, especially since I am traveling most of the following week) and 3) for $275 I want to race not be conservative.

After a month of 80+ mile bike rides, followed by good brick runs and two recent long runs of 16 and 17 miles, I am feeling more and more confident about my fitness. I even had a wonderful swim this weekend despite being out of the pool for over a week.

I am definitely finding the family / work / training balance more difficult this IM go round, but am happy that I have two finishes under my belt so that I can be more flexible with my training without losing confidence in my ability to have a good race.

Thanks again for the advice - I will miss the fun and the atmosphere in Galveston, but it is the right decision for me this year. Have a great training week!


Matthew Smith said...

I think you made a good call. $275 is a lot of money. Plus, it's great to be with that family more.

sallyaston said...

Good call! Always listent o your gut feeling. These are just races, and they will always be there. Your health and family are waaay more imprtant. Good luck with all your other training and racing plans! :-)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Sort of looking forward to it and not at the same time now. Always a fun time in Galveston but I really should not be having fun times with IMTX so close.

Hey are you going up to the Woodlands for the EN ride on Sat morning?

tribirdie said...

I'm sure it was a toughie but it sounds like you made the right call for you!! Sometimes the whole IM, Family, Work balance thing is way more tricky than we expect, but you'll get your way through it! Good luck with everything!