Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid-Year Resolutions

I am hanging my head in shame as I type this post ... I can't believe I haven't posted since March!  I have so much to share, including race reports and epic challenges ahead.  So, my mid-year resolution is to blog at least once a week, and for the next week, especially since I am going to be on vacation with lots of time in the car, I am committing to get this blog back up to date!  If you are still around, stick with me, it is going to get interesting!

So, what has kept me away from blogging?  Like most people, life got busy ... but if I am being entirely honest ... well, Fifty Shades of Grey derailed my blogging.  Damn that compelling Christian Grey.  I started reading and just didn't stop.  I have read literally 30+ books over the past couple of months, and while it has been a great diversion, but I must.find.balance.

The good news is that Fifty Shades of Grey did not derail my actual training.

So, any book recommendations?  ;)

Swim, bike and run, run, run posts to follow soon.  She's back!

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