Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weird Pre-Race Dreams

I know a race is quickly coming up when I start dreaming about it.  Yesterday I did my last long run before Rocky Raccoon 100 and last night I had the oddest dream about the race.  Well, it started as a dream about the race and in typical fashion as these dreams go, I was late.

 I had to park really far away from the start and I left all my gear in my car and I rushed to the start.  I was 15 minutes into the run when I realized that I didn't have any nutrition or water, so I turned around to go back to my car.  When I got to my car I was scrambling to find everything I needed for the race.  I remember thinking in my dream that I needed to ask Joe to reset my chip but also freaking out that I lost an hour to the cut off time.  At some point the trail race turned into a street race, but the course was not really marked.  The aid stations near the start/finish line were food trucks.  It was the middle of the night during the race when I realized that I had missed a two mile section of the course because it was not marked, but it was also around this time, when Joe told me that this was not Rocky, that Rocky was still two weeks away, so it was ok if I only ran 90 miles instead of 100.

I was happy to wake up and to put the stress of the dream behind me!  Have you had any weird race related dreams?

I am hopeful that two weeks from now I will be holding my RR 100 race buckle!

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Jill Poon said...

You will be holding that buckle!!! Those dreams are killers, I have them before any big race. I think it just means you are ready :D Good job on the last long run! Money is in the bank!!