Monday, June 22, 2009

Boston, IM Watching, Mileage and Inspiration

I am happy to report that I was able to successfully execute my training plan while traveling in Boston, despite the late nights out and over indulging on yummy food! The weather was amazing! 60s and low 70s with zero humidity in the middle of the day – that is a far cry from what I am used to here in Texas!

I also had the most.amazing.massage.ever. in Boston. Bill was uber talented with his hands and while I would not call the massage relaxing (bordered on painful, but the good kind), he definitely worked the tightness out of my legs and did a world of good for my sciatic nerve. He told me that my right side is significantly tighter than my left side (on a scale of 1 – 10, my left side was a 4 and my right side was an 8), so I am going to schedule some time with the physical therapist associated with my doctor’s office to see if we can figure out why and to make sure that it doesn’t get so tight again that is causes pain while I am riding. I also clearly need to find a local massage therapist who works on athletes!

This Sunday evening I found myself online watching the Ironman CDA finishers … I was on the verge of tears the entire time. I cannot wait for Florida. I am excited and nervous, but I know that I will be ready and I am anxious for it to be my turn. I have also been working on my goals for IMFL. Finishing is my #1 goal (and my true focus) and honestly, nothing else really matters … but I am anal retentive so having general time and pace goals for each leg will help me meet my #1 goal.

With that said my goals are as follows (to be further defined in the months ahead):

1. Finish
2. Run the entire marathon (currently trying to determine my pace goal)
3. On a perfect day, with perfect weather, perfect nutrition and a perfect race execution, I would love to finish sub 13:00

I can say without hesitation that I will not be disappointed if I do not achieve #3 in my first IM.

There I said it, my first IM.

Without having even finished my first, I am starting to contemplate a second.


For me, the training is a life style and I need to have goals so that I will keep training (I like to say that the goal keeps me honest with myself). That, and my wonderful husband seems resigned to the fact that I will continue to pursue these goals and he loves me even more for it. I know, I have the most.incredible.husband.ever. It is my blog and I can brag if I want to :)

Mileage for Week Ending 6/21/09
Swim: 5200 yards in 2:00
Bike: 73 miles in 4:10
Run: 29.00 miles in 4:26
Total Time: 10:36

I saw this street sign and had to stop to take a photo, inspiration is everywhere!

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IronBob said...

Keep your body sound and I think you have it in the bag. Right side dominant, eh? Get a massage every two weeks and you should be in good shape.