Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tri Bike Udate

After a lot of soul searching I have decided not to get a tri bike right now. After racing Gulf Coast, I realized that my bike is comfortable and I am happy with my set up. It is aero and fast and I am happy with the results that I getting on it, so I am not going to take the tri bike plunge right now.

The other deciding factor is that in addition to being a triathlete, I am also a photography enthusiast and I would rather invest the money in a new lens since I already have a bike that allows me to race and follow my iron dream!

1 comment:

IronBob said...

Good move on the bike. only 4 months left, no time to change.
Houston run was nice and toasty. The Valhalla (below Rice Chemistry bldg) beer was nice and cold. Catch you next time.