Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mileage for Week Ending 6/14/09

Another week has come and gone and this Sunday evening has me blogging from Boston. I am hopeful that this trip will not derail my training for the week - I have great intentions for swimming and running while I am here!

My amazing and devoted husband broke his collar bone last week, so right now I am just thankful to be healthy! I have been doing some research on my sciatic nerve and I have a plan of action if the pain strikes again!

Mileage for Week Ending 6/14/09
Swim: 6000 yards in 2:25
Bike: 85 miles in 4:47
Run: 22.25 miles in 3:31
Total Time: 10:43


Kelly said...

Nice week. Good luck getting those runs in's supposed to be a great city to run in!

IronBob said...

Sounds like you are really on track!! I know how tough it is to train on the road. I am in Chicago all week and trying to figure out what to do in the way of training. Probably run when I can.