Monday, March 1, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

February was a busy month in the Moore house. Between Valentine’s Day, my husband’s birthday and my youngest son’s birthday, there are lots of reasons to celebrate and eat cake. And cupcakes. And brownies. And sweet tarts. And more cake. And even more cake. You get the drift… I should have given up sweets for Lent and my problem would have gone away, or at least I would not be eating it away! With February behind me, I will am excited to start March without so much dessert in the house. One thing is for certain, if I eat just a third of the dessert that I have been eating I should be all set!

My volume ramped back up in February and I had some great workouts, especially on the running front. For every great day, however, there seems to be those not so stellar days, like last Friday. It amazes me how one day I can run 4 miles at a 7:36 pace with effort but still at ease (if that makes sense) and then struggle to pick my feet up to run 2 miles at a 9:15 pace later that same week. It is a major reminder for me that nutrition and rest are key components to training.
February by the Numbers
Bike: 19h 53m - 324 Mi
Run: 17h 21m - 108 Mi
Swim: 12h 00m - 27,550 Yd
Other/Strength: 1h 43m
Total Active Time - 50h 57m

Goal Tracking
1. Reading the Bible cover to cover -- can I change my goal for the year? I am so far behind in this goal, but I have been going to Mass weekly, which is another goal that I started working on late in 2009, the Sunday after Ironman, in fact. I just feel like I am so far behind that I will never catch up, so I don't even try.

2. Photography -- I took Tyler's 3 year old photos and bought a new lens! Looking forward to playing with my new toy this month.

3. Weekly stretching -- I am moving this to an as needed basis. I have found that lunges, squats and core work do a lot more for my hip pain (which is basically gone now!) My new custom orthotics, which by the way, were covered at 100% by my insurance, are helping as well.

4. Nutrition -- I am doing slightly better on drinking water and I ordered and received my first order from First Endurance. I love the EFS Fruit Punch sport drink and I am looking forward to seeing how all of the electrolytes help me hold up to the Texas heat this summer. With my workouts getting longer, I also ordered Ultragen and I am looking forward to putting it to good use.

5. Strength Training -- Push ups, planks, lunges, squats and sit-ups have become my friends. I am still looking for a good ab workout that I can watch and follow along -- would love your suggestions.

6. Swim Technique -- Progress! I think I am at least back to where I was during peak training last season, so now it is time to fine tune this month.

7. Fun goals -- Races are coming up next month - stay tuned!


The Running Girl said...

I completely understand the fast/easy run one day and hard/slow run the next. It's frustrating, but I do think nutrition and rest have a lot to do with it.

Great photo of your son on the car.

Allie said...

Wait is that really Tyler??? He looks just like his brother there!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have tried goal #1 alot and failed, till I broke it down, I did the new testament one year and the old the next. Just an idea to pass along.

Laura Wheatley said...

keep up the hard work girl!! race season will come around, and all the workouts- good and bad- will the "base" for your awesome results to come!!! Your little ones are so cute!

jessithompson said...

Love the pic and really love the goal update... I should try that... I think it would really keep me more accountable.

Triathlon New Guy said...

Know how you feel regarding the cake. We have 3 birthdays in the house from 1/11 to 1/25 and then followed closely by Valentine's day...not a good combo as far as training goes:)

DaisyDuc said...

Oh my husband would have been all about your month as he loves cake!

sallyaston said...

Your february totals are impressive! I struggle to keep up the bike this time of year. Bring on spring! :-)

Kiersten said...

I gave up chocolate AND candy for lent...since I'm not a big fan of vanilla it has cut out most sweets. This is the only time of year I can motivate to give them up! I would love to have been at your house for cake!