Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 1 of the Taper

It was nice to have some down time during the week but I felt strangely guilty on the days that I was free at lunch and not heading to the gym. Next week will be even stranger as I cut back even more on the time. I will be traveling though, and that will help keep me preoccupied so I will not be nervous all week about the race!

Training week of September 8:

Monday – a.m. - 1 hour swim (2300 yards)
Tuesday – a.m. - 1 hour spinner
Wednesday – a.m. - 1 hour swim (2100 yards)
Thursday – a.m. - 1 hour run (6.75 miles); Lunch - 45 bike /15 run
Friday – a.m. - OFF
Saturday – a.m. - 2 hour bike ride (30.5 miles); 15 min run
Sunday - p.m. - 1 hour run (6.75 miles)

Total workout time: 8hours, 15 minutes
Total distances: Run: 15.25 miles Bike: 58.50 miles

Favorite workout this week -- Doug and Ryan accompanied me on my bike ride this week, which was a lot of fun.

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