Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let the Taper Begin!

I had a great bike ride this morning, shaving 15 minutes off of my time for this same ride from a couple of months ago! This is also the first week in quite some time that I have broken the 100 mile marker on the bike (in aggregate).

I stopped by my LBS where I purchased my bike to look at a couple of tri bikes and the owner told me that he would definitely work a trade in for my current bike if I wanted to upgrade - good to know! I have an appointment next Saturday to do some test riding, so we will see how that goes!

I am excited that next week marks the first of two taper weeks leading up to the Gulf Coast Tri. I decided to break my tri season in half and Gulf Coast marks the end of the first half of the season (where has the time gone?) and it is also an A race for me. I am excited to see how far I have come in the 6 months since Longhorn, work on my nutrition and mentally begin preparing for IMFL. The Gulf Coast Tri is on the same course as IMFL so this will be a great opportunity to get my bearings and to take some mental pictures to visualize during training in the months to come!

Swim: 5800 yards in 2:15
Bike: 103 miles in 6:03
Run: 24 miles in 3:43
Total Time: 12:01

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IronBob said...

Nothing is better than a good "feeling" bike. I thought I liked my QR until I got my Cervelo P2. The aero set up is SO much friendlier. I thought I could only go aero for a mile or so just because I am old. WRONG, its the bike and bike set up. So, be sure your new bike lets you stay aero 95% of the time without feeling bad. The shop should let you tri (try) it (new bike) out for a week of riding.

Go to They have Ironman formulation. They also have sliders so you can adjust your blend. The best bet is to call them (the owner will actually talk to you), and they will walk you through some questions and customize your blend. This stuff is fantastic.

Good luck, CHEERS.