Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saddle Time, Perspective and Improvising

Mileage for Week Ending 4/12/09

I was due for a long bike ride this weekend, but scheduling issues got in the way so I was forced to improvise (i.e. break my long ride into shorter rides). My amazing husband, the one who drives me to all of my races, spends countless hours cheering for me and waiting and waiting and waiting for me to finish, the one who tells me to buy the latest equipment without thinking twice, is also a cyclist. We are both doing the the MS 150 next weekend and he too has been itching for some saddle time.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get help lined up to watch our little boys and even though my hubby offered to let me ride, I decided to look at the big picture (my reference to perspective) and told him to ride instead.

Perspective? I am currently training for the Gulf Coast Half and while I would like to have logged a 50 miler this weekend, I know that I still logged decent miles this week over shorter rides. Plus, I will get more than my fair share of saddle time next weekend.

In other news, IMFL is 30 weeks away! I know this because the Don Fink training plan is a 30 week program and I was originally going to follow the 30 week plan. Instead, I am going to finish off my HIM training (I am actually following a modified Don Fink IM plan), then take a couple of lower mileage weeks before starting a 20 - 22 week program.

Swim: 2600 yards in 1:00
Bike: 79 miles in 4:45
Run: 26.1 miles in 3:55
Total Time: 9:40

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Kelly said...

Nice week!! It's nice to hear that I'm not the only person breaking up the 3-4 hour rides down into shorter to make it work for the fam! Keep up the great work.