Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

That is what my training partner called me this morning ... and he was not being complimentary!

He arrived at my house early for our standing Tuesday/Thursday morning run this morning because we were planning to run 12 miles instead of 10 miles -- but I didn't respond to his text right away like I usually do -- because I was fast asleep in my bed.

I set my alarm for PM instead of AM by mistake (not the first time I have done this!), so I woke up to my cell phone ringing instead. Thankfully he actually called me this time - last time I overslept he just went home!

Despite my tardiness, we still managed to run our normal 10 miles before I had to get ready for work and I earned the moniker, Sleeping Beauty!

On a separate note, Mark and I talk about everything under the sun on our runs. Politics. US Weekly. Our families. Triathlon. Running. Headlines. Etc.

Well, Mark is a Lutheran Pastor and we recently had a conversation about religion. It might be a surprise to most given his profession, but religion has not been all that of a frequent topic on our many training adventures. Anyhow, in our last conversation, I told him (which he somewhat already knew) that I wanted to commit some time doing a Bible study, but I have struggled to find one that fit my full-time work schedule.

He responded that "it's a shame you don't know anyone who knows a lot about the subject and who you spend lots of time with, with nothing to do but talk." I took Mark's response as an invitation and with that, we have started our own little Bible study discussions on our runs. I love multi-tasking!

We had our first lesson this morning and the run went by in a flash.

PSA for the day -- double check your alarm clock!

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Trishie said...

love the multi tasking !