Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brain Waves

Have you ever noticed that when you are focused on something, no matter what it is, you see things everything related to whatever said focus is?

For example, when I was trying to get pregnant, I saw pregnant women every time I turned around and when I was pregnant and was choosing car baby gear, I became hyper aware of strollers. I checked out the make and model of every stroller I saw while on walks, at the mall, etc. and I even noticed when I saw one on TV (what was Rachel using for Emma on Friends?!?) or in US Weekly (always Bugaboo!).

Well, yesterday I was on my way to a movie and I pulled up behind a Chevy Impala with a bike rack and I immediately tried to take a closer look. What kind of bike is that? Ohhh, are those aerobars? Hmmm, Scott Speedster, I wonder if that is full carbon?

Then, I passed the vehicle (I felt like saying “On your left!”, but I didn’t) and I had to check out the driver to see if he was a kindred spirit. This is humorous to me because a year ago I would not have given that bike a second glance!

Swimming, biking and running are on the brain!



When you get to PC you will be seeing Mdots and 140.6 stickers all over the place. Your wont be dreaming then... Rejoice, it probably 10% of all those type of stickers in existance in the US.

Kelly said...

I'm the same way!! When I see someone with a bike rack or a tri sticker I always want to beep or wave. I don't, but I want to!

Trishie said...

ha, I now feel like I'm drafting if I'm closer than three car lengths to the car in front of me // I check out bikes like guys check out boobs

Allie said...

What and you didn't think of me when you saw the Impala??? :) I'm the same way!!!