Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 Big Weeks Until the Taper!

With my last warm up race behind me, the countdown to IMFL is on (ok, as if it wasn't already)! Now, more than ever, with the hours continuing to ramp up, I think I am actually looking forward to the taper (please remind me of that when I am going taper crazy).

Mileage for Week Ending 9/20/09 (including race)
Swim: 9475 yards in 3:16 [3 workouts]
Bike: 163.25 miles in 9:26 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Run: 21.6 miles in 3:11 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Total Time: 15:53

This was a lighter run week for me so my legs should feel fresh for the miles next week. This week also marked my longest ever OWS (2.4 miles), longest bike ride (112 miles), and longest continuous workout (8:15, race + post race run).

Quick Race Recap (full race report to follow):

I am thrilled with my race performance on this wet (so much for the forecast) and hilly (well, hilly for me) course!

2.4 mile swim - 1:15:53 (pace 1:59 per 100)
T1: 3:33
112 mile bike - 6:25:25 (17.3 mph)
T2: 1:20
Run to Finish Line - 1:05
Total Time - 7:47:16

16/30 overall
3/8 Gender
1/1 AG

47 days to IMFL -- What's left on the list?:

1. Purchase Garmin 310xt -- debating whether I really need this
2. Practice using Garmin 310xt in multisport mode -- see #1
3. Sell my Gamin 305 -- see #1
4. Practice changing tires -- I have been practicing, but I need to practice several times a week
5. Get a massage -- I need another one! Next one is scheduled for October 1
6. Order more Infinit – I am running out already! -- I ordered 2 bags and already finished 1!
7. Buy an end of season pair of flip flops to keep in my car/tri bag
8. Start wearing my Heart Rate Monitor
9. Buy a Tanita scale -- again, do I really need this?
10. Order new halter style cycle top (my tan lines need help!) -- I decided I didn't need this top this year, since my tan lines are bad already. I might put this on the Christmas list.
11. Order and read “Going Long”
12. Push myself on the swim (my weakest sport)
13. Sign Hubby up for a Twitter account so he can tweet race progress on race day (hubby doesn't mind providing race updates but has an aversion to "tweeting")
14. Take Indy (my chocolate lab) for a run -- I took her for a walk, does that count?
15. Pick a Spring / Summer marathon for 2010
16. Decide what to wear for the big day (funny, most people would assume wedding when you say "big day")– am I going to change for comfort?
17. Thank my amazing hubby for being so supportive, especially as the hours ramp up -- need to do this again, every single day
18. Swim on average 7500 yards+ a week -- in progress
19. Run on average 30 - 35 miles per week -- in progress
20. Bike on average 125 - 150 miles per week -- in progress
21. Finalize nutrition formula/menu for the bike
22. Finalize nutrition formula/menu for the run
23. Try to go one full day without saying the word Ironman
24. Find/make matching shirts for my family to wear on race day
25. Write a pre-race plan (what can I say, I am a planner)
26. Write a race plan (like a birth plan, but longer!)
27. Think about Special Needs Bags (do they fit into the race plan?)
28. Determine back-up plan (plan B)
29. Determine back-up, back-up plan (plan C)
30. Find new audio books for the drive to/from FL
31. Give back to the tri community in some way (volunteer, help someone new) -- trying to be helpful to beginners and I definitely plan to volunteer at a local race next Spring
32. Read race reports for IMFL from 2008
33. Thank my family, friends, co-workers and any/everyone else who has provided an encouraging word along this journey
34. Find a temporary tattoo to wear on my arm during the race for a little inspiration (maybe Spiderman, my boys would love it!) -- tried this in a recent OLY and it didn't stay on, so I am scrapping the idea
35. Make a packing list (I love lists!)
36. Take my boys trick or treating, eat too much candy
37. Turn 30 and celebrate (yes, that is right, I turn 30 six days before the race!)
38. Pick up magazines / other reading material for the trip to FL
39. Make the long trek from Houston to FL with a car full of gear and children (I am so excited that my boys are going to be there!)
40. Enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful FL weather, do a practice swim in the Gulf, and takes lots of photos of the experience
41. Hit the expo
42. Meet fellow IMFL athletes from BT, Houston, Blogging world, etc. and share in the excitement of what is to come
43. Eat pizza at the Mellow Mushroom (my fave pre-race food), get a good night’s rest (is that possible?) and say prayers for the upcoming day
44. Fulfill lifelong dream of becoming an Ironman
45. (You have to have one to grow on!) Buy loads of M-Dot gear and start the recovery process


Trishie said...

that is QUITE a to-do list, and one I'm sure I'll be copying shortly ! loves it !

Trishie said...

oh, and good luck with no. 23 ;) // and nice job with the AquaVelo !!

Kendra said...

Congrats on the Aquavelo! Wow your T1 was fast! Was it with a wetsuit? Re: #11, you should either order it rightnow or not bother because it might just add unnecessary stress. Re: #31, have you thought about trying to aid a blind triathlete? I read someone else's blog who was going to try that.


Sweet bajebas... I do believe you are ready. You know, I think if you pre arrange it, you can have your kids at the pick up chute coming into the finish so they can finish with you.

Brittany M. said...

AWESOME job yesterday!! So glad you spotted me and said hi out there. I was hoping to get to meet you. It was quite a day weather wise, but hey, at least we've gone through that now and if it happens race day we know it'll be no big deal! Great job! See you in a few weeks!

Hua said...

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Kelly said...

Anne!!! Great job this weekend. You are so ready!! I say get the Garmin, no on the new tri top and save the money for IM gear...lots and lots of IM gear!!

Kristin said...

You're so close now! Re: your list, here are my $.02 on a few having just gone through it. Find your race outfit now and do all your long training in it. I practiced over 2 months in mine and had to swap the top about 5 weeks from the race. You really want to be comfy that day. Nutrition - practice, practice, practice. It will make or break your day. Scrap Going Long. It's awesome, but I've had it since June and have barely scratched the surface! Definitely write a plan. I had a multi-page plan and while it largely went out the window with my injury, it was a great process to go through. And I love my Tanita. I used it to monitor how my body responded to training and recovery and it was great. Keep having fun!!!