Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thrifty Triathlete

My legs have been feeling great throughout training, but a twinge of knee pain on my run this morning reminded me that part of being an endurance athlete includes taking care of myself.

I took immediate action on the knee pain (ice, advil) and I decided that I needed to take a more proactive approach to taking care of myself and to stretching.

For a mere $20, enter one foam roller ...

I had no idea how tight my IT band was until I used the roller this evening. Holy cow! I now see why so many people swear by these. It hurt like hell, but I could tell an immediate difference. I highly recommend it!

Thankfully, all of the TLC I have been showing my knee seems to be working (fingers crossed)!


Kendra said...

After the first few weeks it won't hurt so much when you use it. There are lots of good foam roller exercises, just do a google image search. If your IT band is tight, you might try the roller on the piriformis too. Basically sit on the roller, cross one leg and roll that glute.

sallyaston said...

Came across your blog because I am IM training too (IM Arizona). Love the foam roller, I call it "preventative maintenance" LOL :-)