Sunday, November 22, 2009

IM Celebration Party

The last installment of my IMFL race report will be posted soon, but I want to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to acknowledge a couple of fellow triathletes and do the weekly rewind.

Going Iron
First, Brittany kicked serious butt at IM Arizona today by finishing in just over 11 hours! She was 9th in her Age Group! She is one hell of a triathlete and an Officer in the Army as well. I had the opportunity to meet her at Redman and she is as nice as she is fast. Brittany was supposed to race IMFL but one of her soldiers was killed in the line of duty. I am so proud to have women like Brittany serving our nation. Thank you for your service and congrats on a fantastic race!

Second, Trishie is racing IM Cozumel this weekend and she is going to totally rock it! I absolutely love her blog and know that we would be fast friends if we lived in the same state. She is one of the few people I "know" that is more organized and even more of a planner than I am, and she is funny to boot! Good luck this weekend, Trishie!

Weekly Rewind
I am struggling to reconcile my need and desire for recovery, the guilt I feel when I skip a workout and my desire to do a trail race this winter. Plus, I love to eat, so I need to do something not to gain 5 pounds!

This weekend Doug threw me a purposefully belated 30th Birthday and Ironman celebration party. It was so much fun to celebrate with friends and indulge in margaritas and Mexican food. Check out this awesome cake Douglas made me too!

My Iron Sherpa
Birthday / MDot Cake
Mileage for Week Ending 11/22/09
Swim: 2500 yards in 1:00 [1 workouts]
Bike: 28 miles in 1:30 [2 workouts]
Run: 22 miles in 3:15 [3 workouts]
Total Time: 5:45

Stretching / Foam Roller: 1:00

With the weekend festivities behind me, it is time to end the bender!


tri_al said...

that mdot cake is brilliant! did he craft that himself??? well impressed either way (and will forward to husband for future inspiration)


And the process starts again....

Allie said...

Glad the party went well, sorry I couldn't come out for the festivities!

Kristin said...

The guilt fades away and you can finally enjoy down time guilt free. As for not gaining 5 pounds, I can't help you there, I've gained about 8! But I enjoyed gaining them :)