Sunday, November 1, 2009

October in Review

Even with the taper, October will go down as my largest month in IM training.

It's funny, because I seem to be training all.the.time, but all said and done, my training made up only about 10% of my available time in October (75 hours vs 744 hours in the month).

October's Totals:
Bike: 38h 14m - 652.5 Mi
Run: 25h 19m - 166.25 Mi
Swim: 12h 00m - 28,800 Yd

Total Time - 75h 33m

I keep waiting to get nervous but so far I am pretty calm ... anyone want to bet how long that lasts?


goSonja said...

That is suck a super solid month of training, your mileage is awesome. I hope you feel confident stepping on that line that you have done what it takes to do an IM, and now it's just about enjoying the experience. You've got this girl!!

I have also been racing with 30 on my calf for what feels like ages. I turned 30 on the 29, so you and I came into this world just a few days apart!

goSonja said...

That would be "such" not "suck". Oy, to much wine this afternoon!

tri_al said...

you're training 18 hours a week?! wowsers, how are you managing that? total kudos.

Kelly said...

Nice month, Anne!! and Happy Birthday. You're a baby!! I aged up this year, but not into 30-34!!;)

Trishie said...

That's one helluva month! I bought a foam roller and did the exercises tonight.. tough stuff ! hope it helps :)