Monday, February 16, 2009

The goggle search continues ...

I think I am giving up on my Aquasphere masks and I am going to continue the search for goggles that don't leave horrible rings around my eyes. I tried a great pair this morning, Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggles, that were very comfortable and did not leak or fog, but they still left the "I just spent an hour and a half in the pool before the crack of dawn do you want to ask me about my crazy training hours" rings around my eyes.

I have a couple of other pairs on my list to try out but can't seem to find them locally. In a state as large as Texas and in a city as large as Houston, you would that one would have access to all of the gear she desired, but alas, no. You have to go to Austin for that!

I have tried:
-Speedo Women's Vanquisher
-Aquasphere Seal XP
-Aquasphere Women's Seal XP
-Aquasphere Vista
-Aquasphere Kaiman
-Speedo Air Seal Tri

I am going to see if anyone in my Masters group has a back-up pair of something I have not tried that I can borrow for a full practice. I would like to try Swedish goggles, but I think that I need a swimmer to fit them for me!

So, the search continues!


Molly said...

I strugged for this for a long time and ended up solving it by joining masters. Literally by lifting my goggles up to look at the workout board in between sets, that brief respite for my face was enough that I don't get the goggle marks under my eyes anymore (and they were BAD - used to last all day).

LKA said...

Good luck with your goggle search! I found you blog on a forum on BT. I look forward to reading about your journey!

- Lora (lkagop on BT)

Trishie said...

sweedish goggles aren't that hard to fit --- you just need some patience! good luck finding The Perfect Pair!