Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Training for An Ironman is Like Pregnancy

I came across this post online and had to share -- in part because I have thought the same thing on more than one occassion and the comparisons are very true!

1. It takes 9 months out of your life to prepare for the event.

2. You're life will never be the same after completing an Ironman.

3. You crave strange foods, gels, and drinks at strange times of the day.

4. You sign up for an Ironman in the "heat of the moment" after volunteering.

5. You don't care who sees you naked anymore.

6. Its hard to sleep the week leading up to the event.

7. You tend to lose a lot of weight on the day of the event.

8. You have time during "training" to read books on how to make the event go more smoothly (like "Going Long" for tris and "What to expect when you're expecting" for pregnancy)

9. You eat all the time and are always hungry.

10. Getting a lot of sleep seems like a distant memory.

11. You find your body hurting in places that it never hurt before.

12. Every week or so you find yourself looking at a different person in the mirror.

13. You pee all the time (assuming you're staying hydrated.

14. You can use the excuse that you are training for an IM to eat a lot.

15. You're amazed at what your body can actaully accomplish.

16. You wonder what you did with all of your free time before training.

17. You wonder where you spent all of your money before triathlon.

18. You talk about the upcoming event all.the.time.

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Hey Baby - would you rather have another baby or have me do a second Ironman? Think about that one! :)