Saturday, February 14, 2009

It only took 1 year

I have been back on the workout band wagon for about a year now, which means I have been logging plenty of miles before work ... in the pool, at the gym, on the bike, etc. Every morning as I head to the gym or to the office I look like a bag lady, weighed down by my computer bag, gym bag, purse and lunch, among other things.

Well, Wednesday morning in my half asleep stupor I managed to remember my swim bag and towel, my gym bag, breakfast and lunch, computer bag and purse, but I FORGOT MY WORK CLOTHES!

That's right, my work attire. On my way to the office I called Doug to check on the boys and as he was gathering stuff for the boys he came across my suit jacket and asked me, "Hey, did you mean to leave the polka dot jacket thing here?"


To top it off, several lights near our house were blinking from the wind and rain storm the evening before, so traffic was a nightmare!

Doug was kind enough to grab my clothes and I met him and the boys at Andrew's school to get my clothes rather than fighting traffic two ways to go home and then to the office. I was just thankful that Doug made that off handed comment, because otherwise I would have been up a creek!

I figure forgetting my clothes once a year is a pretty good average -- you can be sure I will be double checking for my clothes in the weeks ahead!

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