Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of Shape

As promised, I am attempting to diversify my workouts during what is left of my "off season" in hopes that I will find time to incorporate some of these other workouts (strength / stability) during the non-peak weeks of the regular season as well.

Monday I took a 50 minute class at my office gym that is dubbed a "conditioning class" -- think lots of walking lunges, squats, core, exercise ball, push-ups, arms, etc. I felt the burn during the class, but overall I was happy with my showing. The only move I really struggled with was the ab move where you come up to a "V" position and pass the exercise ball from your feet to your hands, go down flat, back up again and pass the ball back. That totally kicks my ... core!

I definitely felt like I got a good workout, although I would have been even happier with more core work and less leg work, because legs are my strength (or so I thought) and my abs, well, they could use some work, but I digress ...

I should also note that besides the physical therapy, elliptical during my no-running weeks, one hot yoga class, and the recently added push-ups and stretching, I have done nothing but swim, bike and run since April of 2008.

Ok, so back on topic. I woke up this morning for a 7 mile run to test my Piriformis Syndrome and immediately felt stiff from Monday's class, but I still managed a decent run. I didn't feel any pain specific to my PS, which was good. I listened to Born to Run and was happy to be listening to a portion that described run technique so I was able to play with my stride a bit.

After my run, I took my shower, got dressed for work and drove my boys to school. I wore flip flops because I have found driving in heels aggravates the tendinitis in my left foot. When I got to work I put on my super cute BCBG black peep toe patent leather pumps ... and after taking one step I nearly fell over.

I hobbled and found my stride and as usual, took the door to the parking garage stairs to take the 3 flights down to the ground level and after the first step, I almost fell over again! I literally had to use the hand rail to make it down the stairs. Later in the day, I was crossing my legs at my desk and had to pick up my leg in order to do so. I am still stiff walking, although thankfully walking is much easier in flip flops than in 3 inch heels!

I can't remember the last time I felt this sore ... definitely not after Ironman or any other race in the last 2 years. It just goes to show that you can be in shape in one aspect of your health (endurance) but entirely out of shape in another (everything else!).

The good news is that all of those leg exercises should be strengthening the area around my Piriformis. I have no idea how my run today effected my PS because my legs were so sore from my workout, so I will be anxious to see how it feels after Thursday's run.

Two things are for certain -- one) I am going to feel like a brick tomorrow during my swim (hmmm...maybe I will postpone my swim until Friday??) and two) I better keep this up so I don't feel this sore next time!


Mike Russell said...

You know there are five components of fitness -- it is tough to balance your life so that you hit all five. They are body composition, cardiovascular health, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

Personally, I hope I am good in four of the five. Muscular strength is definitely my weakness, and one that I am willing to endure!

Vickie said...

I found your blog through TriRockstar's blog. I completed my first IM in Nov. 2009 also (Beach2Battleship in NC). I am going through some of the core/strentgh/stability stuff right now too in the hopes of first getting rid of that flab that seemed to develop during IM training and also just to get away from the day in day out endurance training needed for IM for over a year. Piriformis caught my eye because I suffered from this about 10 years ago and left unchecked, it can be highly debilitating (muscle deterioration and weakness). The ONLY thing that helped (and believe me I tried EVERYTHING) was using a tennis ball to massage the area directly and then icing and appropriate stretches until it cleared up, which responded within 3 days. I have pretty much eliminated this forever by maintaining vigilance of this area doing the above. Goodluck in getting this pesky ailment cleared up.