Monday, May 25, 2009

Mileage for Week Ending 5/24/2009

I am proud of myself this week ... not for posting great hours, but for keeping myself busy and keeping the numbers low where they are supposed to be right now.

What have I learned about myself? I love training. I love racing. But really, I love to have something to obsess about, to plan for, to research, something to fixate on, etc.

I replaced my normal tri obsession this week with reading the entire Twilight Saga. It made for late nights but for a very relaxing weekend and the books kept me busy so I was not out over training! I resisted this vampire love story for as long as I could, but after reading the first chapter of the first book, I was hooked.

My swim hours are high because I went to a US Masters Open Water Swim Clinic on Sunday. I saw video of myself swimming for the first time -- that was interesting to say the least! I got some great tips to improve my stroke that I am excited to put to practice in the pool and picked up some open water sighting, turning and drafting tips as well.

Swim: 6800 yards in 2:30
Bike: 40 miles in 2:30
Run: 10 miles in 1:35
Total Time: 6:35

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