Monday, May 25, 2009

Tri Dreams / Nightmares

Do you ever have them?

This week I dreamt that I was at my IM and I didn't bring any nutrition for the bike! I have had this dream before ... you can bet I will be double checking my special needs bags!

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IronBob said...

For IMAZ I didn't use special needs. After the race I started to think this wasn't such a smart idea. But since then, I have decided to use two concentrated Infinit bottles plus Endurolytes (10) and SaltStick (5) on the bike (no special needs) and this will give me all the calories, protein, electrolytes that I need for the bike.

Haven't quite figured out the run yet.

So, sleep soundly, I dont think you need special needs. Quite frankly, I dont want to remember to stop.