Monday, May 11, 2009

The Results Are In...

Total Time: 5:52:58

12/45 in AG
70/303 Women
348/1045 Overall

Swim: 44:20 (30th in AG, 134th Woman, 620th Overall)
T1: 2:51 (1st in AG, 22nd Woman, 90th Overall)
Bike: 2:58:06 - 18.9 mph (20th in AG, 123rd Woman, 631st Overall)
T2: 1:53 (8th in AG, 63rd Woman, 163rd Overall)
Run: 2:05:51 - 9:37 pace (11th in AG, 54th Woman, 225th Overall)

It was a great race overall and I learned a lot to help get me ready for IM FL in 6 months, which was the #1 purpose of this race. I am excited that I was able to cut off 27:45 from my previous HIM time, although I know course differences (my first was hillier but not as hot) likely attributed to some of the time savings. Even still, I would like to believe that 7 additional months of hard training effort paid dividends on Saturday!

Full race report and photos to follow shortly!


Paige said...

Fantastic, Anne! You're a superstar!

IronBob said...

Sweet. Looks like you are a transition queen.

Let me know what lessons you learned. I would be interested to know any tips.

good job