Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I heart nice people

Let's face it ... most people I know are tired of hearing about Ironman (except my Iron Sherpa family, who is just tired of me being MIA!). They have heard about it for months (and months and months) and most people have stopped asking how training is going, etc. That is one of the reasons that I blog and that I love Beginner Triathlete ... safe places to drone on about triathlon!

I completely understand that this race is important to me but that other people find it slightly crazy. I try not to talk about it with people who are not really interested (like my poor co-workers) and I try not to go overboard with details when someone does ask me about it (although, I admit, sometimes I have a hard time reigning it in ... the random person at the gym does not need to know about the number of calories I consume per hour!).

With IMFL just around the corner now though, more and more people are coming out of the woodwork on a daily basis and are starting to ask me about the race again (and no, not because I reminded them). One of my customers asked me today to remind him the specific date of the race -- he wanted to be sure to put it on his calendar so that he could send prayers and good thoughts my way on the day of the event. I was blown away by this nice gesture!

... and thank you to those of you who "listen" to me vent/obsess on this blog and on BT and provide endless advice and encouragement, it is all very much appreciated!



I'm hosting a meeting for 40 execs from US, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, and Finland next week in Chicago. One of my slides for a break is a IMFL logo and the swim start from a few years back. I'm going to be very subtle about it (HA!)

Kelly said...

I'm not tired of hearing about IM...maybe that is because I am just as crazy about triathlon as you!!:)

Doug Moore said...

We are so proud of you! I can't wait till the race, baby!

Kristin said...

Just stop by my blog here or on BT, I always love to talk Ironman, even though mine is done and I'm totally incapable of training right now! :)

Trishie said...

I totally know how you feel ! It is really nice when people care (or at least pretend to ;)). I try to keep it to the basics: distances of each leg, date of event, expected time to finish, no it's not 3 days, yes it's all one day, actually it's 16:59:59. you are so close! I'm SO EXCITED for you!!