Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Lucky Girl

I am one lucky girl - and someone even told me as much on Saturday (more on that later).

I am lucky because ...

I have the most amazing and supportive family. It takes a lot of personal sacrifice and commitment to train for an Ironman, but even more than that, it takes a lot of family sacrifice and commitment, especially as the hours ramp up. I work full time and my training hours are like having a part time job on top of that. Come November 7, I can say without hesitation that while I might be doing the 140.6, when I cross that finish line, I will not have done it alone. Thank you Ironsherpa Family!

I had a minor bike crash on my long ride this weekend and was able to get back on the bike without a scratch on me. My bike survived ok as well, with a couple of scratches, but nothing serious and I was able to get back on the bike and finish the 35 some-odd miles I had left on my 100 mile ride as though nothing had happened. The crash happened as we were approaching a light and I looked up at the traffic (to make sure the cars saw me) that was trying to turn left into the shopping center I was passing on the shoulder. My bike wheel veered into a joint in the concrete and the next thing I knew, my bike was on top of me. I didn't even have time to think or brace for the crash. The guy I was riding with told me at the end of our ride that I was seriously lucky and that crash damage could have been much worse. He kept checking my arms for scratches that were not there!

I am overcoming a case of Laryngitis that I developed on my trip this week, but nothing too serious. In fact, I was able to get all of my workouts in while on the road. I am so thankful for my health and the ability to train and race. I am also proud of myself for getting my workouts in, including doing 250+ laps in the short hotel pool and running a total of 41 half mile laps (multiple runs) around the hotel property.

That there are single digit weeks to IMFL! That's right, we are down to counting weeks on one hand! I am also thrilled that there are just 2 weeks until the taper!

Mileage for Week Ending 10/4/09
Swim: 7500 yards in 3:00 [2 workouts]
Bike: 165 miles in 9:33 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Run: 43.5 miles in 6:35 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Total Time: 19:08

Here is hoping that my hard work has properly prepared me for IMFL and that my luck continues to help me get to the finish line.

Happy days and safe training to all!


Ironman By Thirty said...

250+ laps in a small pool???? and 41 half mile loops??? Holy cow! You deserve some sort of mental toughness award. How the heck did you stay sane with the repetitiveness?

tri_al said...

19 hours; gReat training week!

Kelly said...

Hey, Anne!! YOu have a great week too! I'm so glad you are okay. Be safe and have are so ready, btw.

Trishie said...

another kickass week, anne !// yes, we are truely indebted to our family during our training for our IMs... I could not do this without my husband's unwavering support. // glad you are okay re: the crash

Kristin said...

Nice work Anne! Here's hoping all that good luck carries with you on race day :)


Dont lap me on the bike!! Oh, that's right, it's one loop...