Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Week Until Taper!

Well, this week of training did not quite turn out as expected, and while I was disappointed at first, I made the most of it and am happy that I managed to log all of the hours, despite the weather. We triathletes have to flexible, right? The good news is that the bad weather did bring Fall weather to Houston! Now, let's hope the cooler temps sticks around -- minus the rain, that is!

I ended up breaking up my long ride into 2 rides, although I still logged a respectable 3:15 straight on the trainer on Friday after my rain out ride. I don't know how some of my IMFL buddies log 5+ hours straight on the trainer! Mr. Iron Dreams was happy because I managed to clear the DVR of all of my sinful teeny bopper shows like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Melrose Place.

One more big week until the 3 week taper begins. My taper hours are still respectable hours, but coming off these 19+ hour weeks I think 14.5, 11 and 5.5 hours respectively will leave me feeling rested and ready to race! With Kona behind us, IMFL is the next IM on the calendar.

I ordered more Infinit (again!) this week, as well as a new tri top, arm warmers and a box of Clif Shot Blocks. I also paid for the PCB condo in full since we are less than 30 days out now! Next on the to do list -- packing and transition bag lists!

My Pei Wei Fortune Cookie: "In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible."

Right before my youngest son was born, my older son, Andrew (2.5 at the time) got a fortune cookie that read "a small gift can bring joy to the whole family" ... I saved it and it is framed with his memory box of hospital stuff. I am definitely saving this fortune as well!

Mileage for Week Ending 10/11/09
Swim: 7800 yards in 3:00 [2 workouts]
Bike: 156.5 miles in 9:15 [6 workouts, 1 brick]
Run: 44.75 miles in 6:53 [5 workouts, 1 brick]
Total Time: 19:08

Have a happy and safe training week!



I am hoping the weather finally gets cooler over here. We set a record yesterday over in St Pete....97F.
NOV. 7: A nice cloudy 55F start and 70F afternoon would be sweet....Oh and if its not asking too wind.

Kelly said...

I think it's quite a coincidence that good tv starts about the same time I have to hop back on the trainer. You just reminded me that I haven't watched GG this season at all. Three hour ride, here I come!! :) Another great week, Anne!!

Trishie said... you are so close ! 3+ hours on the trainer? wow, impressive... love that you watch sinful tv as well (I have Gossip Girl DVR'd for my next trainer ride). I need to order more Infinit too (I feel like I JUST ordered more!). LOVE that fortune cookie -- definitely frame worthy. I am SO excited for you !!