Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mental Preparation

This was the conversation at my house at 6:00 am today:

Doug (Iron Sherpa)- How long are you riding today, when do you expect to be home?

Anne - 4 hour ride, 30 minute run. I should be home by 1:00.


Next weekend I am riding Saturday morning though so I can sleep in on my birthday (Sunday).

Doug - And the Sunday after that you will be an Ironman!

Anne - Wow (major goosebumps)!!

My goal this week is to get organized -- it is time to make packing lists! I will be packing before I know it and given that it takes me forever to pack for a 3 day business trip, I can only imagine how long it will take me to pack for Florida! I think it is going to be a challenge to fit stuff for 5 people for a week's vacation plus tri gear in our Suburban -- thankfully, we won't need to take strollers this time, so we can save some space there!

To celebrate the first week of taper, I attended an IMFL Taper Party and I got to meet several people that I have raced with or chatted with online / through Yahoo Groups. It was great to put faces with names and I hope to run into some of those familiar faces in FL!

I also spent some time focusing on how far I have come (literally, in mileage!). Kristin (The Lazy Marathoner) did a post before IMWI in which she counted how many times she had done the Iron distance in each sport in training leading up to the race.

I remember thinking at the time that it would be a major confidence builder to think of the cumulative training in those terms. So, I did a little Excel magic and discovered the following:

I have swum the IM distance nearly 62 times, I have biked the IM distance nearly 33 times and I have run the IM distance nearly 45 times in training.

When I think about it in those terms, what is one more time? :)

I have also been fighting a bit of a head cold, mainly congestion, so I went to the doctor on Friday to make sure it was nothing more serious. I didn't see my regular doctor, but I was lucky that the doctor who did see me was an athlete himself and was understanding of my situation. He confirmed that I do NOT have the flu and told me to take Mucinex ... but he also gave me a prescription for a Z Pack, just in case! I am happy to have it as insurance.

Mileage for Week Ending 10/25/09
Swim: 7200 yards in 3:00 [2 workouts]
Bike: 116 miles in 6:45 [4 workouts, 2 bricks]
Run: 31.7 miles in 4:47 [5 workouts, 2 bricks]
Total Time: 14:32

Oh, and Happy (early) Halloween!


Trishie said...

Great idea -- to total up how many times you've done the distance. A taper party, how fun ! I think I will organize one. And there will be booze ! 2 weeks... eeeeps ! can't wait to follow you :)


You will do great. Hopefully see you at the party.

Kelly said...

Cute pic! ...and what's one more?? ;) love it!

Doug Moore said...

Holy Crap!!!! Look at the countdown--You're almost at single digits!!!!!