Thursday, December 3, 2009

The #1 Question

Can you guess what the #1 and #2 questions that I get asked post Ironman Florida are?




Have you guessed yet?




Drum roll … the #1 question that I get asked now that Ironman Florida is behind me is, “What’s next?” This is usually followed closely be the #2 question (often before I have answered the #1 question), “Will you do another Ironman?”

I will start with the short answer. Yes, I plan on doing another Iron Distance race. I have caught the fever, love the lifestyle, enjoy the training (most days at least) and am looking forward to watching my endurance base grow with time.

My “A” race for 2010 will be the Rev3 Iron Distance Race at Cedar Point on September 12. This is a Trakkers sponsored race and I am really excited to meet the rest of the 2010 team, meet some of the new incredible sponsors including First Endurance and Tri Swim and of course, race with a Trakkers device!

Rev3 prides themselves in putting on family and spectator friendly events, something that is important to me, and because the races are put on by amazing world champion triathletes, you know it will be top notch!

Ok, so back to the #1 question, “What’s next?”

I should be focusing on my weakness, the swim, but the thought of spending endless hours in the pool this winter is, well, to put it nicely, m i s e r a b l e. I actually do enjoy swimming, but I have to drive to the pool and I can run from my front door and bike at the gym at lunch at work, so swimming takes more effort. I will definitely swim during the off season, but I will spend the majority of my time doing what I love – running. My training partner and I are 85% sure that we are going to do the 50 mile Rocky Raccoon trail run on February 6. This will be my first Ultra.

I am currently ramping back up my mileage while also trying to respect the recovery process. I have been visiting with a Physical Therapist for some deep rooted dull aching in my Piriformis that I experience while running and twinges of knee pain I experience while cycling – both started after Ironman. My current diagnosis is nothing serious … simply that I am super tight and have a slight muscle imbalance on my right side

So provided I continue to heal, recover from IMFL and ramp up my miles, I will do the 50 mile trail run. With Rocky Raccoon and Cedar Point as the anchor dates on my calendar, I am working to fill in the blanks between the two events and for the Fall after Cedar Point. I am not used to my last A race of the season being so early in the year!


Ironman By Thirty said...

I have the Cedar Point Half IM on my 2010 schedule, so I'll see you there!

Enjoy your offseason! (Although with a 50 mile ultra looming in February, it doesn't sound like much of an "off" season :) )


Lots of Bayou City people do Rocky R. you should look them up on the web when they get together (Wed and Sunday)

sallyaston said...

I enjoyed your blog leading up to IMFL, I just did IMAZ and have been asked the same thing often. However, I went ahead and registered for IMAZ 2010. It's so hard to commit to another IM race the day after you did your first but I knew it would sell out quick (25 min online). Enjoy your off season! I'm hoping to work on my swim too this winter (just hate going to the pool when it's cold, LOL!)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on becoming an Ironman!!

I will be at the Rev3 half.

Seems to be the craze to do an ultra, sorry, I just cant seem to wrap my head around that, not in my near future

jessithompson said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog a bit. I liked what you said about the "lifestyle" of the sport. It's definitely addicting. Looking forward to meeting everyone as well... wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

-Jessi Thompson (Team Trakkers)