Sunday, March 22, 2009

B-e-a-utiful weather!

Mileage for Week Ending 3/22/09

Had a decent training week, despite feeling tired at the beginning of the week. I made sure to sleep in as much as I could Friday - Sunday. Saturday I did a 30 min open water swim in my wetsuit as a practice run for the Lone Star Tri April 5. Other than the 300 yards I did one I first got the wetsuit in the pool to test the wetsuit fit, this was my first actual workout in my "Super Suit" (what my 4 year old calls it). The swim went well -- the wetsuit fit great. I had full range of motion and I was able to breathe and turn my head easily. After about 20 minutes, I noticed that a spot on the back of my neck felt raw, so I need to make sure to actually use body glide on race day as I have several sore "hicky" spots on the back of my neck today from the wetsuit.

Sunday I woke up feeling crappy so I skipped the morning long ride in favor of sleeping in and doing a shorter afternoon ride.

Swim: 7200 yards in 3:15
Bike: 65 miles in 4:00
Run: 22 miles in 3:15
Total Time: 10:30