Sunday, March 29, 2009

News from Team Trakkers

I am very jealous of my Team Trakkers Teammates that will be competing in the Rev3Tri June 7 in Middleburry, Connecticut. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the trek from Texas to CT to do this race this year because I was already committed to the Gulf Coast Tri and Florida Ironman (where I will proudly sport Trakkers gear and hopefully meet a lot of my teammates), but if you are closer to this venue or have not already allocated your travel dollars for the year, I encourage you to check out this race!

Check out for the most up to date information.

Revolution3 takes place in Middlebury, Connecticut at Quassy Amusement Park. On race day, Quassy vopens exclusively to athletes, their family members and friends, as well as race volunteers and their families. Spectators enjoy front row action via stage screens set up in the transition area. Six cameras strategically placed throughout the course will broadcast live directly to you. Combine this with real-time GPS athlete tracking and you, too, will see the revolution unfold!

What does that mean for athletes like me and you? Our families will finally have a fun venue and our significant others will not be stuck trying to entertain young children in odd locations while we are racing. This is going to be a first class event with star power to boot! Want to race along side some of the best athletes in our sport? This is the race for you! I can only imagine the bike eye-candy that will be seen on race day!

The best part? Save $10 on your registration fee by entering code NSS126 when registering.


IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Sounds like fun.
Hope your training is on track. Dont over run (you can hurt yourself, you know).
It's all about the bike. (You'll hear me say that a few times)

Anne said...

Bob - I will do progressively more biking as November approaches. Since I am training for the HIM distance right now, I am trying to maintain my running base that I established from the Houston marathon and add to my biking base. The ride from Houston to Austin in a couple of weeks will be a good start!