Sunday, March 1, 2009

Iron Widow

My husband is such a comic.

We have been cleaning out our office so he has been shredding lots of old paperwork. I came through with my training book and left it in the office near the shredder (ok, my own fault, but I was trying to keep the room tidy) ... and when he came back to the office to start shredding again he asked me if I wanted him to shred my training book!

He said it in jest, of course, but then he said maybe if he shred the book he wouldn't be an "Iron Widow" anymore. I have heard that expression used for football and golf, but not Ironman training until now :)

Don't judge him too harshly, he was only joking and I thought it was pretty funny. He is my biggest fan and will tell anyone who will listen that his wife is training for an Ironman!

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

HAHAHA, there is an Iron Widow blog I came across and long time ago,, and it even has a cool tshirt if he wants one.